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  1. Hey again Duma Staff, have a few more questions 1 Is there anything planned for the use of the USB port on the R1 feature wise? 2 Could the netduma have the ability to detect local WiFi latency (Router to desired device) 3 Could we have statistics on what R-App is using up CPU resources for troubleshooting purposes? Also I know you guys don't get this very often but thankyou for your hard work and dedication to this project. Netduma will only continue to get better as the milestones go by. Keep it up!
  2. Could DumaOS have some sort of Ping Plotter built in? If so that would be great! Also could we have some sort of game server status to check if servers are online or offline?
  3. It would only show ping and no tick rate stats if you weren't connected to that IP, what game are you playing that you can't get the stats for? Edit: Are you viewing this on the Geo Filter page or on the main customizable page?
  4. Does the CPU max out at 100% when doing a speed test?
  5. First off, what device are you using to access the interface? Secondly, is this a new issue or has it only started after using another device to connect to it?
  6. Well first off, these people that skip across your screen I have also encountered here in NZ on 23 ping, I was once part of the problem when I was put on 4g for a few weeks and found myself winning gunfights I knew I should have lost but i also had terrible hit reg/delay, the problem isn't you or your internet in this case, but the game's lag compensation and players not being placed into the correct regional servers. But usually, I only encounter it 1 out of every 10-15 matches. Throttling your internet won't help you as much as it would hinder you. I sometimes try and avoid this problem (And the annoying players in OCE) by surfing California servers if the ping (130-150) isn't too big a deal
  7. I'm attempting to try and Flush the Cloud as servers are appearing as peer hosts but it says R-APP is taking too long, any recommendations other than factory resetting it? Thanks
  8. the reason you cant see other people is because the dedicated server hides the IP addresses of other players, this was likely because of blackout, you should still, however, see the dedicated server/ host. as of right now there is no possible way for the netduma team to help you with this unfortunately, this feature may come back in later cods from now. As for the host problem, even if the host doesnt show up, you will still find a lobby inside your set filter range so it shouldn't be an issue
  9. For your netduma, have you tried enabling ipv6? That fixed the issue for a friend of mine, might also help you
  10. sabarblade


  11. yes the domain name, but ip's aren't just showing up for dedicated servers, they show P2P as well or am I missing something? edit: if you ping other players in your lobby, their IP'S show up in the domain name, i checked this with a friend and confirmed it is giving out IP's
  12. Look's like this is still the case after the 1.3 update, ip's are still coming up
  13. Is it similar to the XR500 where the IP'S were showing but later removed in a update or is this a permanent addition to the r1?
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