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  1. The domain name should give you an idea if they are a dedicated server or not, usually hosted by vultr, amazon or blizzard. If you could give the ip and the id that might help out one of the devs if it has been mistakenly added to a whitelist? Im assuming you already have strict mode enabled and no ping assist so im not entirely sure what else it might be and from your previous post it seems to still be an issue even before you moved to 3.0 Edit: The Poland server after having a look on my end is definitely a authentication server, this is automatically whitelisted as the game wont work without it. However the Netherlands server im not sure about.
  2. What game is this for? Are you trying to block those servers?
  3. Few questions, what browser are you using to access the software, have you tried resetting or power cycling the router and can you access any of the other tabs either it be settings or the qos tab?
  4. In theory nothing should be, try disabling QOS and see if it fixes anything.
  5. Sorry but the PS4 pro does not run at 120hz.
  6. I have an idea that might have already been put out there but this would be absolutely amazing if it could work, imagine the router is connected with a dedicated hard drive that stores all game updates from call of duty, Battlefield warframe etc. This would be extremely useful if someone has more than one PS4/XB1/PC or is hosting a LAN party so it doesn't use up all the available bandwidth or at least makes it quicker to get games up and running. Just putting this out there, let me know your opinions. here's a concept of it working on PC
  7. If I don't unblock the server their ip doesn't show up so I can't even whitelist them, not to mention most of my friends are on dynamic ip's that reset daily or weekly. It doesn't matter if the server is whitelisted either, it still blocks it. It's like the geofilter is overriding it. I'll do some more testing tomorrow to confirm but from the couple of party's I've joined it's been the same. Although I'd imagine if it was a widespread issue more people would point it out so I'm not sure if it's something on my end.
  8. sorry about the long reply, so im currently still having the same issues. It was working fine for when i connect to partys after the cloud update but when someone else joins i cannot hear them until i extend my filter even though they are located inside my filter. Its really annoying cause i dont even get an alert that they're trying to join so i never know unless i always have my duma page up. In this photo it shows 1 person connected but 2 dedi servers are attempting to connect, i check my party and there's another person
  9. Hey Duma Crew, im still having issues with ps4 gamechat if my filter does not cover the California/Oregon server i cannot hear anyone who joins the party. Secondly, a feature that i think we all would like is patch notes for the geo filter whenever it is updated to find out whats changed, this would be amazing.
  10. Hey Duma Staff and Forum People, im currently having heaps of servers set as peer hosts as if either my netduma isint receiving the filter updates after flushing the cloud. For instance i have reported a VOIP server for the PSN party chat and to this day, months later, it still appears as a peer host. Im not sure if the updates have either not been sent out or that my duma has failed to receive and update them. I could see a solution to this being that there could be a advanced mode allowing us to change the state of servers on the filter if we believe that it is incorrect. Thanks. edit: The games im talking about are MW servers on PC, Apex legends PS4, VOIP PSN Servers, Forza horison 4 and 3.
  11. Any chance the DUMA OS insiders group would be opened for a brief time?
  12. Nope all pings are relatively random, i would usually have a 27 ping to any Sydney servers but none have even come close, most around the 50-80 ping mark so ping assist prevents me from even joining lobbies, i also check domains and all of them come up as an Australian ISP rather than a hosting company. My baseline ping is 2ms located in NZ. All of this leading me to believe they turned it off. Last thing to note, the authentication server is now no longer located in the EU, rather its located in east US. Ill provide screenshots if need be
  13. Sweet that sounds great! When booting up IW and the game does its usual ping all dedi servers i can no longer see the Australian Sydney server, there are also many other servers globally that have also been discontinued such as the west coast American servers and some in the EU. Id imagine its due to cost savings, the player base has been dwindling since early 2018. Ive tried to force my Netduma into only connecting to american/eu servers to no avail, only thing that works is having someone host the game from that location or using a VPN.
  14. Hey guys, so I've been playing quite alot of infinite warfare as of late and just a few months ago they turned off the Australian dedicated server, we are now put on the p2p layout. I'm finding that in game sometimes the game will lag extensively with the packet loss symbol frequently coming up, I then look at the ping Values and tick rate and everything seems normal. I'm not 100% sure if it's the host or the fact they're on wifi but this is happening more and more frequently. Keep in mind bo4 runs flawlessly on dedi's. So I have 2 questions, 1 are the ping Values just an IP ping from the router or a pingplotter like design that measures latency for every node the packets pass through? If it's just a standard ip ping could this be updated in the future? And secondly could we see packet loss details within the ping stats be implemented? Thanks guys
  15. Sure no problem didn't know where to send them in so I thought id just put this here. Thanks
  16. Hey just a quick heads up that one of the servers used for the psn voice chat is still appearing as a peer, here's all the details - ID 2922ce99bfc8ccd1 - Domain Name ec2-34-209-200-153.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com Also there's a Forza Horizon 4 server also appearing as a peer, ID ba33efbad059777c - Domain Name
  17. Just in their lobby, no join in progress. Its weird cause for some reason it's fixed itself then comes back randomly. Honestly not sure what the problem is :/
  18. QoS is disabled and attempted the same thing on both ends, removing devices from the filter, etc. Its got me a bit stumped
  19. Yeah both of us have our filters disabled and in spectator mode, can join a PS4 party chat just fine with him appearing as normal on the map but won't establish a connection if I join his game on BO4, few restarts from both of us and it's still happening. Can join anyone else just fine and we both have an open nat type
  20. So I've got a weird issue, every time I attempt to join my friend who has an XR300 it won't let me join and the only thing that appears is a player symbol under Africa. The other weird thing is if I ping it, it comes up with my WAN IP and another IP, this is all with both our filters completely disabled. Any assistance would be great, thanks (Black ops 4 BTW) Edit: Heres the ID's for both attempts if this helps (62c03c075d01a3a8) and (610aa06ba700fb00)
  21. Hey Duma Staff, could we see an update to the ovpn client that would allow us as the user to update the client ourselves rather than having it update after every milestone, this would be extremely useful for people wanting to use an OVH as it only accepts the latest version at any given time. If this could be added that would be amazing! Cheers Guys :)
  22. So i posted my issue with one of my VPN services not working with the R1 and found that it was due to a firmware difference (2.4.6). I have found a way around this but it causes large ping spikes so it, therefore, makes it obsolete to any other VPN. This VPN client uses OVH as the provider and only supports the current version so im not sure what else to do but hope an update comes out. I have had previous problems with DDOS attacks so this is a bit annoying. Anyway hope to see an update to this and or the ability to update this myself if at all possible. thanks
  23. Still failed, here's the OVPN files. It's an OVH VPN. I can supply the login details if needed also. Cheer's (Australian server btw) thegamersvpn (2).zip
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