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  1. Thank you! Can I ask where can I find the R-App store? I updated to 3.0, but I can't find it.
  2. Well, It's the end of December and I don't see any updates for the XR450 when it comes to the 3.0 beta. Are we even getting one? I just need a proper clarification instead of endlessly waiting...
  3. What about Netgear routers in general. When will we be getting the update? We have been waiting for ages now for 3.0
  4. Same here. I told them to sign me up for it multiple times, but I never got it in either...
  5. At this point, I wouldn't put any faith in their words. They have completely destroyed their credibility and just keep giving us empty promises.
  6. It's hard to believe what you say now because you keep saying that you're working on the new update for ages now and have yet to release it. You just keep giving us empty promises constantly. I hope you all stay safe regardless.
  7. Yeah, It has been months since I complained and nothing has been done to fix the issues. Just empty promises so far...
  8. I definitely would appreciate it if I can get added on the list. I have the XR450.
  9. In what situations do you need to disable Strict mode?
  10. I always change bother sliders. I changed them to 50% and 70% and even 25%. I kept playing around, but I still can't get a flatline 😕. I just don't understand why? I'm not even having any packet loss issues. Is it the router not being good enough to do this?
  11. This is odd, I have set it really low. Down to 25% and no matter what I can't make it flatline like the guide...
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