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  1. Well that's a blow I've moved the R1 to my office today, used new ethernet cables and tested from various locations. I did get over 30mbs at one point, but again this is much lower than my Sky Hub. It just feels like the R1 is incapable of giving what my Sky Hub does. If I'm outside of warranty, I'll probably just box it. I'm not dropping another £150 on a router in the hope it'll work. Is there any option on returning it to you guys to get it looked at?
  2. I didn’t change any setting, I always access through the IP address. I’ve had it a few years, 2015 maybe? I’ve always noticed the WiFi dropping, but just put it down to it being teething problems as I was an early adopter. I cant remember a single test when I’ve got more than 30+. It never really bothered me, my PS was wired, and as long as others could stream it wasn’t an issue. It’s got worse lately though. WiFi drops a number of times a day, speeds can be anything from 0.01-25, there just no consistency. Everytime I check the sky hub I’m getting 50+, I just can’t understand why it’s behaving so poorly.
  3. I get the ‘can’t connect’ message on the browser. Wifi is similar across pc, phone and IPad.
  4. I configured it as a soon as I posted the last reply, it’s the same. Checked Hybrid, it was on so turned it off, same speed. I can’t do anything to it at the moment as even though I’m connected to it, it’s not opening any pages.
  5. I've not done anything to it since updating. Speeds are as they were before the factory reset, so I didn't see a point in configuring it? Edit - I've just configured it properly, and using the sliders does appear to restrict the speed as you'd expect. I even tried giving 100% to just my laptop and testing that, but I still got the same results.
  6. All done guys... Channel Down Up Sky 11 64.1 19.46 R1 1 11.26 12.39 R1 2 20.29 14.51 R1 3 24.03 16.72 R1 4 19.08 15.88 R1 5 16.5 8.46 R1 6 6.96 9.4 R1 7 17.85 11.54 R1 8 17.68 17.06 R1 9 27.3 14.78 R1 10 29.3 16.16 R1 11 23.31 15.55 R1 11 24.87 17.82 Here's the results. I tested my Sky hub first, then the R1 on every channel. I tested channel 11 twice, the second time I changed the Sky Hub to a different channel to make sure there was no interference. These are all wifi result. Next??
  7. I'll do this today. I've also ordered new ethernet cables and I'll move the R1 to a different room.
  8. Ok, I have no idea what a TX rate it, but I googled it and downloaded something called Wi-Fi Scanner 4.2. This is showing the available rate at 57.8mbps and the max rate at 144.4mbps A ran a new speed test and I'm currently getting 6 down 😕
  9. Ok, I’ll give it a go tomorrow after work. Thanks for the help this evening, appreciate it’s not very easy over a forum like this.
  10. Ok. I've done all of this, there's no real improvement. I've moved the R1 about 6 feet from the Sky hub, it's about as far as I can get it and still be able to keep them connected. I disabled the wifi on the sky hub. Test results were the same as previous. I moved my laptop to the same room as the R1 so I was about 2 feet away from it and there's a small improvement up to 28 down, but it's still pretty shocking compared to what I'm getting through the Sky Hub.
  11. admin/password doesn't work. I can't access the interface at all, not through wireless or wired. Yes consistently lower on the R1 using wifi. If test while I'l wired into the R1 i'll get 60+ (I did it about 10 minutes ago to check), if I connect wirelessly to the sky hub, I get 50+. I don't think I've ever had more than maybe 30 down using the R1 wifi.
  12. Ok, I did what you suggested - Downgraded to old R1, and then upgraded back up, first the original DumaOS you sent out, then the upgrade. I tested at each time, the range was between 19.5-23.2 down. I tested my Sky hub after the upgrade too, I'm still getting 50+. But... There's now a new problem. I can't access the interface. I get the sign in box, and admin/password isn't working. I restarted the R1, I've cleared cookies and cache too, but still user name/ password aren't working. It's just getting worse!
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