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  1. Ah, I see, the toggle at the bottom. I've tried using a bunch of sites like canyouseeme/yougetsignal/etc, using Test-NetConnection in PowerShell, and having a friend try the same. I feel like I can't do anything to sort it, honestly have no idea how everything I've done or doing or have tried could be wrong. At this point I'd happily let someone TeamViewer in and look themselves. 🤷‍♀️
  2. I don't know what you mean, and don't see any option to 'switch NAT to open'. I need to physically move my PC to connect directly, it's on a different floor. Also tried the AP mode router as the DMZ, that's what the IP is there, but no dice.
  3. There's no way to check the NAT status in Street Fighter, unfortunately. Am I wrong in thinking that the ports should already be open, and that something is wrong? Do you have a recommended way of checking if they are in fact open as intended? What will changing NAT Filtering to Open actually do? Is it a requirement to remove the port forwarding rules if I do that, or is it that they're unnecessary?
  4. Which ports and why is kind of besides the point as none of the ports are open, on any of those ranges. The names of the filters are semi-descriptive at least.
  5. Every forward port I try is closed, according to port checking tools. I've tried so much. This is my usual setup. Everything is gigabit. I rebooted everything. I made sure the Geo-Filter was off. I tried a direct connection from the XR500 to my PC, cutting out the R7800. I disabled the DMZ that was set to the PS4's static IP. I tried with and without UPnP on. It's usually on. I checked that the ports were correct. I checked the ports that are supposed to be open for my NAS, too - same. I checked Block Services just in case - set to never. I'm really giving up, I've had so much bother with this router and the R1 before than when I had that. It's so demotivating and it's sucking the energy out of me, legitimately leaving me feel down as hell that it just won't work. This is completely separate even from the issues I have with the Geo-Filter. The cable modem has no interface. Please help, someone. 😔
  6. Unfortunately not, I'm already running a 20m cable up to this router from downstairs. Will try taking it out of AP mode but if it proves to make a difference and becomes necessary then I've lost the one true reason for me to have this router.
  7. I was just about to say no problem, but it's slightly too far. Also, the TV is also one of those smart devices and the other half wouldn't appreciate that while she's at home. 😅
  8. I don't know any way to tell if it's happening on other devices, as it reconnects quickly. The disconnects are long enough to drop games though. The only wired thing is this PC, for now. I'm not sure about the handing out IPs, but this is how things are set up: Cable modem (no GUI) -> R1 ethernet -> R7800 ethernet -> This PC -> Philips Hue bridge -> Unused PS4 -> R7800 wifi -> Smart home devices upstairs -> Powerline adapter, not going to anything currently -> R1 wifi -> All other wireless devices in the house
  9. Upstream meaning which, sorry? The R1 is the one connected directly to the modem, and the R7800 gives no DHCP options what I can see whilst in AP mode (which I had to switch to, as per the earlier replies in this thread). The R7800 is listed as its own thing rather than others branching off it, which I presume is right, and I have that router (and some other devices) set to a specific IP. I'm getting disconnected from games every single night, sometimes more than once, and it's driving me insane, really stressing me out. 😔 2019_11_28-log-1574970859954.txt 2019_11_26-log-1574799791311.txt 2019_11_24-log-1574611217072.txt 2019_11_23-log-1574511712650.txt
  10. On the UI I can't see both the list/ping and the map at the same time - I think this is a pretty obvious one. Or resize those boxes on the page. Is the desktop interface getting a refresh too, perhaps in line with the app? I'm yet to try playing on Filter Mode again, but will be at some point and will definitely get back about it. I do think it's really odd that the icons don't show as a "Denied" connection after I've pressed Deny. They seem to though at a later date? If I reopen the game/reboot the router, perhaps? Have noticed some blocked icons I blocked on previous days/weeks. What about the regular disconnecting in the evening? Do you need/want more logs? Thanks again for the replies.
  11. Okay, you've kind of missed the point on all of these. I'm playing Street Fighter V not CoD, and am manually pinging. Each host has an ID, right? If it's been pinged before manually, there's a high chance I've added a name to it. You don't need to wait and receive the ping to show that name. If I've pinged someone before whose connection is consistently unacceptable, and have marked that as such in their name, I want to see that immediately - not wait 10s~ Yes, but again, each host's icon on the map should reflect that they're set to deny. Why would I need or want to go through the pinging process, wait for that, then see that it's someone who's denied? Will try strict mode again soon and get back about this. Chrome, 1080p. Have attached screenshots.There's no reason why I shouldn't be able to see all those panels on one screen. No idea as I have no other devices I can check quickly in that time, but I attached the router logs for the last two times that I noticed it. In there there's something about DHCP release/renew.
  12. Thanks for the replies btw. The routers have both been rebooted several times since this last post, and continue to show offline. However, nowadays people are showing up in the Geo-Filter! That's a big thing at least. Thing is, there's other issues now. It takes like, 10s or so to actually ping someone if I click on their icon - Why does it take so long? Is it supposed to? Why do I need to wait for the ping to complete and open to see the name I've tagged that location with? It should really open right away. Even though I have a bunch of people/servers blocked, the icon doesn't reflect that when in Spectating Mode. Why? I should be able to see which people I've blocked on the map. When I tried Strict Mode, blocked connections within the km radius were getting through. The UI is really large and doesn't scale. I'm on a 1080p monitor, I don't know if it's better looking on higher res or something, but it's.. massive - I don't understand. Even zooming out in the browser doesn't help if the page isn't already loaded, and it only helps the scale until a new page is loaded. There's really more than enough space to work with on 1080p though. Not a massive thing, but the dashboard isn't responsive at all. Trying to view it on an iPhone X just to get to the reboot menu is a chore in and of itself. I have a separate issue from these also, in that my connection drops briefly. It's happened a few times now, have started copying the log to a txt file. The game (Street Fighter V) will freeze up, work again for a split second, then the entire connection will drop for a few seconds - enough to kick me out of the game and off the SFV servers. NetdumaLog-2019_11_03-Connection_drop.txt NetdumaLog-2019_11_07-Connection_drop.txt
  13. I don't have any IP addresses manually set, including on this PC. It's set automatically as I can and will change the R7800 to AP mode, it's currently on Router Mode as when I previously read the description for AP mode it didn't seem appropriate - I guess that's just ambiguous/bad wording? Have attached a screenshot, and in it you can see that it also asks me if I'd like to 'Get [IP addresses] dynamically from existing router', or 'Use fixed IP Address (not recommended)' - Should I keep the default dynamic option? As for this: I uh, don't actually know. I'm not sure if it helps with the answer but only the R1 is connected to the modem downstairs. Thanks for the quick reply. Really genuinely hope I can get this sorted and get use out of this! Edit: After switching to AP mode and keeping the 'Get [IP addresses] dynamically from existing router' option, the IP address of the wired devices connected to the R7800 are now 192.168.88.xx. However, the Network Map still displays that it's connected to an offline device, and that 'offline' device seems to be one of our wifi networks. The R7800 is connected to this 'offline' device. I'm extremely confused. I thought that this was the R7800 with its devices branching out from it, but I'm seeing that my PC is listed on a different branch of the tree under LAN. I'm doubly confused as the wifi that most people connect to when visiting the house - that of the R1 downstairs, only has one device listed branching from it. All others that aren't on the LAN branch are listed branching from the 'offline' device. Will have a go at trying to see if the Geo-Filter behaves any differently at least.
  14. Hey! Could have sworn I'd posted about this before but can't seem to see any history of it. I excitedly got my hands on an R1, and proceeded to reset it and put DumaOS on it (Firmware version, DumaOS 1.3.29). It's really, really not behaved in any why like I'd expect it to. In our house we've a cable modem, and connected directly to that is the R1, with both being located in the flat downstairs. There's a Cat6 cable running from downstairs up and into a Netgear X4S/R7800, which the computers and consoles upstairs in our flat are connected to. I can't see my PC's name nor MAC address in the Device Manager table/tree The R7800 upstairs here is on its own branch of the Network Map All the devices upstairs that are connected to the R8000 are connected to what shows as an 'Offline' device in the Network Map At some point my PC was showing, and I tried adding it as a console to the devices in the Geo-Filter in an effort to use the functionality in Street Fighter V. Never saw a single ping, never any icons on the map, ever. My device isn't there any more, either. I was super excited to get this router, but in its current state it's done literally nothing for me other than put me out of pocket. I'd love to change that.
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