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  1. I’ll try that when I get off of work and my WISP is att with a MikroTik sxt lte6.. but my MikroTik logs is saying Ethernet port 1 goes down and comes back up might not be R2 router it’s self. I did some reconfigurations on my MikroTik device and I’ll see if that’s the problem I’ll report back at 1700 when I get off
  2. Every 5-6 hours my internet will not work it keeps telling me eth0 transmit error and I’d have to reboot my router. Any solutions?
  3. Seems to be working with the steps you pm’d me will follow up if the problem persist
  4. I’ve rebooted several times to connect my devices! I have DHCP on and the R2 logs saying IP address not usable for every device I try to connect to it. It almost seems like it’s static ip because I have to manually input an IP address to my laptop just to connect to it Ethernet cord. daemon.err odhcpd[1275] : failed to send to ff02::1%[email protected] (address not available)
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