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  1. Done. Yeah, I also saw japanese server somewhere in the ocean left side of india.
  2. Chaiyo, with the new update is it working now? Because mine is working fine with 1.08 update
  3. Ok, so it is fixed for now. But yeah, I saw 1 singapore server that is misplaced in newyork
  4. Is there something wrong with the cloud server list for the cod mw? Since the new 1.07 update, I could not connect to singapore server. There is no blacklist/ban list in my netduma. I have tried to turn off strict mode and even turn off host filtering. It found me some matches but all of them are far away servers with >150ms ping, mostly 300ms ping. This problem is not mine alone but some others from reddit in south east asia who are using netduma also have the same problem. We thought it is because of the skill based matchmaking in the new update. But when I changed to another router, it found matches quickly and connected to singapore server just fine. I'm on ps4 & using R1 on original firmware by the way.
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