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  1. Ok that's what i thought, I have already upgraded back to duma os from R1 so do i need to reboot the router
  2. So when it says peer and describre's the ip address of the peer as a btcentral or virgin are you saying these could be dedi's
  3. Hi, Thats all im getting too, Still all p2p servers im getting after 10 games, Actually best games ive had outta R1, Duma OS, Plusnet Hub wifi has been the ISP believe it or not
  4. Yeah that's what i get pretty much to in U.K, I have tried all different pings ie The west coast dedi at 160ms ping, Its pretty much the same as the east coast New Jersey dedis but again you can get melted in certain games as you are playing with 160ms ping, me and a mate did have it excellent on the Cod Ultimate profile for about a month there up until they released the Update to the ADS and buffed the guns supposedly and now it's back to literally hit or miss, Have you guys tried throttling like the old sim videos down to next to nothing.
  5. Well said mate, I too have been server hopping for the last couple of months in the east coast of the states, I am in the U.K and seen to get better games over there
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