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  1. I've had the same thing happen to me on Destiny 2 with my R1 w/ the latest DumaOS. I was experimenting w/ Ping Assist, and after I was done I went to disable it and after doing so I noticed that the Geo-Filter was still showing "Ping Assist" symbols on the map. After a couple of restarts(I think?) and it went away. But any time I enable Ping Assist it happens again---so I don't use Ping Assist anymore. Didn't make a big diff for me anyways. Edit: Just read all the replies and wanted to make it clear that I never had to do any downgrade/factory reset whatsoever. Just the typical flush cloud, reboot, unplug for a few sec, etc.
  2. I agree, backward compatibility will be a very good thing. I don't understand how there was ever going to be a beta if it was impossible to downgrade back to the original firmware if there was a problem. But the decision to add backward compatibility was just made yesterday. The beta was promised numerous times over several months so they must've been pretty sure that it was possible. If, at the time of all the different beta teases, Netduma wasn't looking to add backward compatibility functionality, they would've stated that in at least one of the beta announcements right? Something along the lines of, "Beta is soon! Warning: If you participate in the DumaOs beta you will not be able to downgrade back to the original firmware in the event of a problem" would be expected. If not in one of the beta teasers, surely they would've said it one of the times they had to announce the delay of the beta. I remember an announcement/comment about the beta being delayed that said something about it being a "real" beta which could include some bugs, it wasn't a beta like COD which is basically just a trial version of the finished game. If that's the case, I don't see how they could've been so serious about a community wide beta if there wasn't any real backup plan if there were catastrophic problems. Obviously that beta never happened, but it was hinted at long enough and enough times that it's fair to assume that Netduma wouldn't keep promising something that was that risky. TLDR: If the decision to add backward compatibility was made yesterday, how could they have hinted @ an open beta in Fen 2017 without their legal team voicing their concerns from that time up until yesterday? Especially when the beta would've been much less stable than a full release. It defies logic.
  3. Same issue here on my Xbox One X. I've had my Netduma for almost 2years and have never had a NAT issue until now.
  4. While it's not a fix, a little trick i figured out is to change the wifi channel to any other channel and it fixes it without having to do a reboot. I used a wifi analyzer to pick the least congested channel, but when it happens I switch it to basically any other channel. After it reconnects you can either keep it where it is or switch it back to your original choice.
  5. Sounds like the sorta thing that would make for the perfect pre-beta screenshot to get the hype train rolling
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