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  1. Here to report same issue occurring for me with v1.0.1.2 and v1.0.1.8 firmwares. Both exhibit periodic dropping of WAN side connection, typically every 5-10mins. No lights change color, from outside view unit is working fine to the eye. Monitor shows WAN restarting every 5-10mins, drops and restarts in about 3-5 secs. Symptoms are seeing dropped packets, experiencing period of delayed/no response to outbound commands, severe lag or being dropped from games , etc.... as you would expect for this type of operational issue. v1.0.0.20 does not exhibit same issue. WAN connections remains solid over weeks + of usage. Monitor shows no dropping of WAN connection. With issue repeating across multiple newer firmware releases I have now requested to a ticket with netgear asking help to address my dysfunctional router behavior. No response received in past 48hrs. Would appreciate any confirmed resolution help ... tried everything I can think of including erasing settings, fresh downloads, run with settings default, run with minimized functionality, etc, etc... even standing on one leg, with hand over one eye, muttering good luck charms as you hit download button did not make any noticeable difference. (just kidding on this latter part!)
  2. In my experience v1.0.1.2 has issues resulting in WAN connection going up/down. Downgrading to v1.0.0.20 works fine, less new hybrid vpn and known issues with older version. Waiting for newer version to move forward. WAN would stop for couple secs then come back. It shows up in log. Casual user may just notice a hesitation to a command every now and then, gaming is a killed.
  3. Using Xr500 for several months. I have been having an issue with a printer being recognized as being online. Drops in and out on wireless device manager view. On previous router found way to resolve it was to assign a static IP and link PC to this IP address for printer. Recently went about doing same and using DHCP reservation. Twice I set static IP value for a device and router has behaved oddly afterwards. As FYI I have Xr500 with 20+ devices connected to unit, only 1 has a static IP assigned. Instance 1 - Router rebooted and would not reconnect to internet via cable modem, red lights and rebooting it failed to resolve issue on it's own 10minutes passed by. Power router off an on and all returns to working state. Instance 2 - Router rebooted and connected to internet for few minutes then errored out, red lights. Waited period of time (estimate couple minutes) and unit resolved itself. Red lights changed to white lights. Connection has been good ever since.
  4. This is a repeatable issue to encounter for me. Accessing router via Win10 PC, using Edge browser. Goto manage devices. Open page and rename, etc works without issue upon first loading. Issue will come after accessing another browser tab and then coming back after a period of time (couple minutes) to original tab and select device to see details. see screen shot attached for error. Is not fatal error, more nuisance error. To resolve, click another menu option, QOS, etc and then click back to devices and devices can be managed again.
  5. Here is example of screen shots showing icon there and not there and also ping of server captured and set to allow / manual ping. After joining a game see the same effect on / off cycle for a head and shoulders icon. Never remains on solid.
  6. #1 got me thinking some more and my description above is somewhat inaccurate. Here is what I experience. on XBL using XB1X. Online joined service at home screen see - white square inside circle pop up on geo map and disappear to come back later and repeat cycle on / off. Marker appears to be located in central Midwest area my guess. I live in southern Florida. World of Tanks - set to filter mode on with radius of 2000km set in center of US (all US is essentially covered by circle) and will not see US server listed in game, but will see the Europe server listed. Take filter mode off go back to spectate and US server reappears next to Europe server. Very repeatable. BF4 - set to filter mode on with radius of 2000km set in center in of US and will see all servers 1 bar (poor). Remove geo filter restart game and will see all same servers back with good ping, in my case 4 out of 5 - ~55-60ms. Host Type Dedicated ID 8f0dfdc8aa2e545 Domain Name cusxt1.ipv6.microsoft.com.akadns.net.
  7. 1. I assume it is the game server. It shows on GEO map for few secs, then disappears, sometime later reappears, etc I was able to catch it while showing and set it to allow so I can manually ping. but now you mention it is showing same location for XB1X / WOT as well as XB1X / BF4 / Multiplayer. Servers always shows as in Atlanta area if my geography is correct. 2. Will do - only occurred once so far. 3. Object failed occurs with high frequency. Using Edge / WIn10 / 64bit. Crossed sticks also same setup - admit screen was left on for > 30mins in background before bringing back. Should have grabbed screen shot. 4. OK...can enter manually...uggh. 5. OK 6. Will do. Though not likely as settings are close to where I want them. Hence less likely to be changing settings. Suggestions 1.Thanks - will really help when you have many low bandwidth devices and a mix of higher ones. 2. Ok. 3. Thanks - family member let person join network and they never removed the wifi setup after leaving (no malicious intent) They kept showing up connected to network afterwards and this was time I sensed limitation to blocking feature vs what I have seen other routers do...blacklist devices was my desired. Meantime had a family chat and since changed network name & password. Thought with 20+ devices this was not a 5 minute job. Being able to blacklist mac address would have helped for peace of mind.
  8. XR500 has a username = admin. On most other routers this can be changed to another username. So far I have not seen if and where this can be done on XR500. Am I blind or is this setting not possible to adjust?
  9. I remember now - mac filtering. It appears device can connect to router will have internet access blocked, but can see other devices on network. Please clarify blocking mode - block all, or block internet access only.
  10. Here are issues I have run into over past couple weeks with noted firmware version. Think this majority of issues I can recall, but I got the feeling I am missing one. All the following said I do from gaming experience feel this router does a better job for online gaming with XB1X / XBL than a previous ROG Rapture GT5433 Router comparing same device count and XB1X hard wired in both scenarios. 1. Geo filter - can ping XBL server non stop in manual mode, but will come and go on geo map, hence geo filter mode ineffective. Have to put to spectate mode vs filtering mode otherwise in filtering mode server will fail to be seen or will fail to join game. Occurrence - all the time behaving this way. 2. Lost wireless 5Ghz - After configuring static ip, port forwarding, qos bandwidth's and device names 5GHz channel went on holiday. It ceased to function, despite 5ghz led being on. Was recoverable after resetting router, major pain to have to redo everything. Occurrence - once, not repeatable. 3. QOS bandwidth setting - two issues if leave static on this screen. First is object failed error popup after selecting a device and trying to set via window bandwidth. second if left longer is the screen display breaks, lines no longer connected to devices, etc. Looks like crossed sticks game. 4. DHCP static - please list all devices that have ever connected (as shown in device manager view) and not only show those actively connected. Makes setting up static ips much easier with high count of mobile devices. Why not use this same list across multiple rapps? Show on on full list if device is online or offline using asterisk or something. 5. Port forwarding - assuming traffic prioritization does this when device = xbox, but if not add XBL rule to add the ports to forward for TCP and/or UDP e.g. 53,80,88,3074, etc... Maybe worth while to explain if this step is required or not for consoles? 6. QOS with traffic bufferbloat - had instance where it was acting as a hard limit to device bandwidth despite share excess being checked. Resetting distribution and adjusting bufferbloat %'s seemed to correct issue and free up max bandwidth when expected. Suggestion 1. Bandwidth setting - Add a table so all devices can be set at once. Each one change rebalances across all the others. with 20+ device connected hard to get %'s to where you want them. Graphic is nice for visualization, but a table would be better for setting values and apply to all at once. If values does not match max bandwidth show error and state how much under/over assigned is value. 2. Consider to add an rapp looking at device to router ping & jitter. Will help to see if settings are helping reduce internal network buffering situations.
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