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  1. Still not working, what else is there I can do? I’ve been unable to use the router for about a week now
  2. No setting were changed, I’ve checked the IP address on all the devices, they’re all correct. I’ve also reset all settings back to factory and nothing changed. I’ve really ran out of ideas as I can’t see what could be causing this
  3. I have disabled and enabled it a few times before always restarting the console when doing so, it still didn’t work.
  4. Hello community. I’m currently unable to play Warzone when connected to the XR500. When I boot up the game I stay stuck on the “Checking for update” screen forever. When I connect straight to the Virgin Hub, the fake boots with no problem. This has never happened before, it’s been going on like this for the past few days. These are the steps I’ve taken to try and solve the issue. Hard reset the xr500 and router back to factory settings, downgraded the firmaware on xr500, dmz the console, Upgraded to latest software. after doing all of these a few times, I still cannot connect to warzone. this is the setup, Virgin router, xr500, ps5
  5. yes ive attached it. i tried rebooting the devices first but that didnt work.
  6. I have noticed that upload packets being prioritized compared to the download packets are way higher. this will be having a major inpact in gaming especially in games like call of duty. why is this happening and how could it be fixed? this happens when classified games are traffic prio is on, and also when i add rules. these are the rules i have tired: UDP - Source Port (3074:3074) - Destination Port (3074:3074) - Ratio Upload traffic is double the download UDP - Source Port (1024:65535) - Destination Port (1024:65535) - Ratio Upload traffic is triple the download TCPUDP - Source Port (1:65535) - Destination Port (1935:3480) - Ratio Upload traffic is double the download UDP - Source Port (1024:65535) - Destination Port (1024:65535)
  7. Yes i have added both the PS4 and my laptop which is where i monitor it, to the VPN traffic list. Yes it shows as being connected under status, but one of two things happen, either i lose internet connection or it just stays connected to the normal internet even though it says connected to hybrid VPN. This never used to happen it just used to connect to the VPN normally. Then once i reboot the router it will show as connected under Hybrid VPN status and it will actually be connected to VPN as it should be.
  8. I have been using the Hybrid VPN feature, everything was working fine until a few days ago. When I enter my username and password into the VPN setup advanced settings and enter the configuration, it will show connected under the information bar, but it will not actually be connected, as when I test it using pingplotter and wheres my ip location, it shows im still connected to my normal isp servers. whereas before it would show that i was connected to the vpn service. I have also noticed that if i connect to the vpn first and then reboot the router, it will then actually really connect to the vpn properly. but if i decide to disconnect and then connect again, i have to reboot the router again which is just a hassle. is there a way to fix this?
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