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  1. Thank you , I already had this set up on Dumas but what I actually wanted to know is how to do thi So: 1. Use a second network card in your PC, or use wifi as hotspot, or use wifi to connect to your router. I just bought a 1Gbit USB network card to experiment with this for 10 bucks. 2. Go in windows, right click your connection that you have connected to the router and enable sharing, with the other connection set up. Under advanced you can also add ports to forward 3. Set up your PS4 connection as you normally would. 4. In DumaOS, forward the CoD ports to the PC andon the PC forward them to the PS4. I typically just leave it on Moderate NAT though. 5. Run that software and what I did was set a filter so it only affects UDP traffic coming from my PS4 by entering the MAC adress of my PS4 6. In my case I need different traffic prioritization rules, I use UDP 60000:65536 - 30000:45000because this setup changes the source port somehow.
  2. I’ve just noticed that my NAT type has gone from open to Moderate after doing the traffic prioritization, how do I bring it back to open?
  3. i truly believe this, all my friends with poorrer connaction than me tend to play better than me even though were more or less on the same level. i get killed on blackout and alcatraz with 2 or 3 bullets, ridiculous
  4. okok i have the exact same headset. which settings do you use on yours to hear footsteps?
  5. hey yes they were allowed on it before. i had to set the geo filter to wolrd wide and then change it back for some reason and then it started working. one thing ive noticed is that the game as in the hit detection only seemed to be perfect for a handful of games and then it went back to how it was before, does this tend to happen?
  6. I had to make the geo filter cover the whole world basically and restart the game for it to start working, then i moved it back to the UK and it was still working. kind of strange
  7. I’ve recently set up traffic prioritization on my dumaos, but after doing it party chat isn’t working , my friends can hear me but I can’t hear anyone, why is this?
  8. I’ve done it and it’s much better now, how ever party chat or game chat isn’t working now, my friends can hear me, but I can’t hear them?
  9. I’ve set everywhere from UK to the USA. would you be able to tell me how to set traffic prioritasion?
  10. I’m in Lincolnshire UK, it depends on which dedicated servers I’m connected to, but normally I’m on UK ones 10-15ms in game it shows 25-35ms ping
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