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  1. Whats next its been 18 hours since I uploaded results from no static in address .and no response I would like to start enjoying what I paid for. And not spending my time researching how to resolve issues in your product. This is why live support is needed. Im wasting my time and warranty time waiting for a response to fix something that should have worked out the box when shipped. I need a resolution to this issue. Or I need my money back and buy from someone who support there product in other ways than this forum which takes almost a whole day to get a reply.
  2. I tried ethernet on pc first then wifi on 2 iPads.. wifi password is wrong so I went back to ethernet on pc no access to gui interface then tried reset. Nothing worked internet is super slow through ethernet. I did all the troubleshooting steps from other post trying to resolve this issue
  3. Thank you for replying. I tried several times this morning same results no GUI interface access and still no WiFi.
  4. received r2 router connected via instruction. cannot connect to WIFI states password incorrect I've tried on windows 10 pc , galaxy s10 , 2 iPads and Xbox one no WIFI connection can be made. i did factory reset and 30 30 30 as per other threads suggest. when wired with pc and Xbox cannot access or Http://dumaos both fail. i am able to pass traffic wired just cannot access interface. i put in static ip address does not work. help already spent 4 hours troubleshoot and reading forums when i ping and yahoo.com i get reply from 0% packet loss .
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