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In game bandwidth measure

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Often the bandwidth reported in the in-game options menu shows near to my full (skinny) download speed.  Sometimes though it reports as much as 30% less which is a lot.  Sometimes this reflects in laggy gameplay but sometimes it does not.  Usually I have to reboot the PS4 to try and change it as disconnecting online and reconnecting doesn't seem to work.  According to geo filter this can happen on the same dedicated game server.  Speed from the ISP does not vary at all. So where are these bandwidth values coming from and does anyone else see these variances?   (no changes made to the sliders re  this).

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Gaming doesn't require much bandwidth (much less than 1mbps / 1000kbps) so assuming it is above at least 0.5mbps this should not impact your game experience at all. If you're not making any changes and your line is stable then it doesn't sound like there is anything on your side causing it and may just be down to how busy their servers are at the time you're playing.

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