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XR500 Update Wishlist (Mods/Devs Tag Thread)

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Thanks KH - we have expanded device recognition on our roadmap. 


We'll keep looking into more auto-settings to make it work even more out of the box. The challenge is achieving this without confusing people. For example, if we automatically enabled Anti-Bufferbloat without any user configruation, this forum would be inundated with 'why is my speed lower?' threads!


Appreciate the feedback.

I agree, I don't think it should be automatically enabled out of the box, but with some auto recognition or just defined bandwidth rules in QoS to help people that may be something that would let new users use QoS without being bewildered, I think some simple bandwidth rules for phones, tablets and IoT's would be really useful, how much bandwidth does Alexa need compared with your Smart TV or Phone or Wireless speaker in a percentage both for upload and download? That could get complicated and confusing. Since the XR500 is in essence a R7800 maybe FQ-Codel is still be baked in under the netduma layer? Maybe using some of that information in QoS could be used? Or the netduma team just doing this themselves for some known devices would be great. 

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