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  1. I get the "packet burst" (3 solid orange box) warning, every other game. It's aggravating because, I feel like my playing style is being throttled to accommodate the other players. I've had games on Shoot House where players actually jitter past me, it's weird... We're all in one big cybernetic tug of war w/ the servers. Geo-Filter isn't doing a damned thing, but over-complicate the simplicity of connectivity.
  2. ..Does it blockchain crypto too? 💱💸 XR700 "When every party you host is a LAN party." 🤣😭😭😁 Looking fwd to the testers and what they have to say while hosting GB's and FIFA/2K19 tournaments.
  3. The real answer lies within the amount of hops it takes between your router to x.x.x.x (destination) If you run a tracert and it takes more than 6 hops between - then you're wasting your valuable energy & time. What we're looking for in DNS resolution are the least amount of hops, thus creating the least amount of latency round trip.
  4. Haven't noticed that much. I leave it on Spectate & keep my radius under <500 mi. Have 3 really phenomenal games & then the rest are mediocre.
  5. Also for reference: •Change your DNS •Use 5ghz band (less latency)
  6. Seems there was a NVRam issue. Approx how many times do you reset your XR500 monthly?
  7. Wifi speeds will always be inconsistent. Here's your best options: 1. Factory reset your router. Hold reset pin on back of router for 15-30 seconds while power is still on. 2. Separate your 2.4 & 5 ghz SSID'S on startup menu. (i.e. rammo2.4 & rammo5G) -Or- 3.Invest in an ethernet cable (preferably a 6' to 25' Cat6e)
  8. Try enabling HT160 under Settings>Advanced Wireless, if a wired connection is not available. Avoid the 2.4ghz band if at all possible, as it is laden with latency.
  9. Sorry for the late response guys. I wiped the XR500 clean to it's factory fw and re-installed the latest That seemed to work once I booted up a game of WW2. Every firmware update from now on I'll just wipe the XR500 clean to prevent any conflicting boot errors in the config.
  10. I keep getting this pop-up error on my Geo-Filter? I'm puzzled as to what this means. Tried 30/30/30 hard reset, still no luck. Have latest fw (, thinking about rolling back to .10 or quite possibly original default build that came with xr500. I'm unable to ping any servers in my region, due to this erroneous pop up.
  11. If you hate your Dashboard cluttered with excessive R-Apps & just want to keep ping tabs on your favorite dedicated servers while gaming, try this... •Select Geo-Filter - Scroll down to Allow & Deny list. •Ping Dedicated/Favorite Servers you've whitelisted. •Select Pin in adjacent Ping box. •Return to Dashboard. Tadaaah!
  12. Looks pretty stable to me. Every mod/admin on this forum hasn't told you any differently.
  13. Maybe use something other than an Airborne class with PPSH
  14. I run this utility weekly. It measures DNS Cache/Uncached & DotCom performance then gives you an extensive list of nameservers that are fastest/closest to your ISP. They just recently added Cloudflare & Quad9 in their last nameserver update. https://www.grc.com/dns/benchmark.htm Thank me later
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