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  1. @braido1x I've been curious to know the outcome of your dilemma as well. I was setting up a mate's XR500 the other day & he's experiencing the same problem as you w/ having upload ping spikes over 100ms on the 3.0 DumaOS Connection Test. I say revert back..... to the legacy firmware version. There's no stinking features on his Netgear CM1000 modem's main menu either... No DMZ, UPNP, nil I'll be checking for line anomalies with my spectrum analyzer when I go back this weekend.
  2. There are a plethora of very skilled (+450^ spm) COD players who swear by a TYPE 1 Moderate NAT connection. I'd be surprised if there were a TCP/UDP catalyst range being overlooked from a modem to PC or console.
  3. To echo Fraser's sentiment, if packets are being prioritized under traffic prio, then what do you have to lose? Especially with a busy home network... TCP ports 80, 88, 443, 1935 have been mythbusted & generally operate as a placebo effect while gaming. Forwarding Port 3074 UDP or DMZ will generally give you the same end result, if multiple consoles are on your router's network. Just check to make sure packet activity is being forwarded to the designated device you have prioritized.
  4. Just to echo @Ggame - I had one of my best games playing Warzone Trios on PS4 w/ a Dedi server in Northern California with about a 68-70ms ping. It was 2,800 miles away/ with Strict mode disabled. I honestly think it's the luck of the draw sometimes.
  5. Cake is amazing, considering it's potential. If only more people would listen to Dave Taht, cough Netduma cough and his predecessors before his work on traffic shaping becomes a lost art. I still have my ERLite and if it weren't for it's limited CPU capabilities & my gig connection - I would still use it to this day. It had no problem pushing 600mb symmetrical using CAKE + SFE packet forwarding. If 3.0 is a total wash, I'll be converting back to the dark side, Ubiquiti.
  6. That server handles a TON of local island traffic and is really a tough server to consistently game on. What I did was (and this worked beautifully) Deny the surrounding Miami Peer/Dedicated servers and force either a Georgia, Missouri, or Illinois server every game, instead. If you traceroute your ISP hops, to their source - then place your Geo-Filter location to the end of your trace you'll notice a more fluid connection. Give it a try. It may take you longer to search for a match, but it's entirely worth it.
  7. I went through weeks of notes & settings and hours upon hours of testing when I purchased my Duma R1 back in the day. Tweaking your settings takes some time, so take notes what works for your gigabit asymmetrical connection. Make sure you backup your settings every couple weeks. You'll find a wealth of knowledge here, Welcome!
  8. I get the "packet burst" (3 solid orange box) warning, every other game. It's aggravating because, I feel like my playing style is being throttled to accommodate the other players. I've had games on Shoot House where players actually jitter past me, it's weird... We're all in one big cybernetic tug of war w/ the servers. Geo-Filter isn't doing a damned thing, but over-complicate the simplicity of connectivity.
  9. ..Does it blockchain crypto too? 💱💸 XR700 "When every party you host is a LAN party." 🤣😭😭😁 Looking fwd to the testers and what they have to say while hosting GB's and FIFA/2K19 tournaments.
  10. The real answer lies within the amount of hops it takes between your router to x.x.x.x (destination) If you run a tracert and it takes more than 6 hops between - then you're wasting your valuable energy & time. What we're looking for in DNS resolution are the least amount of hops, thus creating the least amount of latency round trip.
  11. Haven't noticed that much. I leave it on Spectate & keep my radius under <500 mi. Have 3 really phenomenal games & then the rest are mediocre.
  12. Also for reference: •Change your DNS •Use 5ghz band (less latency)
  13. Seems there was a NVRam issue. Approx how many times do you reset your XR500 monthly?
  14. Wifi speeds will always be inconsistent. Here's your best options: 1. Factory reset your router. Hold reset pin on back of router for 15-30 seconds while power is still on. 2. Separate your 2.4 & 5 ghz SSID'S on startup menu. (i.e. rammo2.4 & rammo5G) -Or- 3.Invest in an ethernet cable (preferably a 6' to 25' Cat6e)
  15. Try enabling HT160 under Settings>Advanced Wireless, if a wired connection is not available. Avoid the 2.4ghz band if at all possible, as it is laden with latency.
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