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WiFi Connectivity Issues

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I have been having an issue with all device connecting to the WiFi on my Netduma R1 router. It happens with both laptops and cell phones connected. Webpages will not load, apps will not work properly, videos will not play, and it will kick the device off of the WiFi frequently.


At first I thought it was an issue with Comcast because my Internet speeds would frequently be around 6 Mbps download and 9 Mbps upload. I had them run numerous test and they sent out a technician because they said the problem was within my equipment. The technician ran multiple configurations of test with different devices and the problem was narrowed down to the Netdumas R1. The results showed my modem (Netgear CM500-100 NAS DOCSIS 3.0), connected with ethernet cable, had a ping of 14 ms, download of 94.49 Mbps, and upload of 12.11. The results with the Netduma R1 connected with ethernet cable had a ping of 48 ms, download of 43.99 Mbps, and an upload of 12.09 Mbps. There were no additional devices on the router when tests were run. My modem has 1 ethernet export and has no router function. My Netduma is connected directly from the single export from my modem to the number 1 import on the Netduma.


At this point, I turned to Netduma Wiki and forum. I have read multiple threads on here where people had similar issues that were resolved by either disabling "WiFi work-around", clearing all devices and reconnecting devices to the router, manually upgrading to latest firmware (I'm running version 1.03.4), and even factory reseting the router. I've tried all of these with no resolution to my problem.


At this point it is either my settings or it is the router itself. All the miscellaneous settings are set as followed:


Features ENABLED:

- Deep packet processing.

- Allow auto feedback.

- Allow remote access to Netduma tech support.

- Unpn Unpn forwarding.

- Multicast snooping.

- Link-local IPv6.

- Cookies.


Features DISABLED:

- Access control panel from WAN.

- Wifi work-around.

- Stealth mode.


If somebody can please lend me a hand I would really appreciate it, this is a very big headache and my cell phone bill has been going through the roof from data overage because of the WiFi issues. I do not have the money to go buy a seperate router just for WiFi since this Netduma was so expensive. Thank you in advance!

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  • Netduma Staff

Hi HammerPete, welcome to the forum :)


I believe that the issue you are having is caused by a bug in the Netgear CM500 modem that you are using. It has a faulty EEE implementation that causes internet dropouts and insanely high pings.


Do you have an alternative modem that you can try out?

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  • Netduma Staff

Not on hand, but I can borrow one from a friend. Is there a specific modem that you would recommend, or one that I should be looking that doesn't cause this issue?


The Arris/Motorola SB6183 has the issue do don't use that :) Arrantly the Zoom 5341J is good with Comcast :)

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