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Netduma Slowing Down Uverse Internet

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So I purchased and connected the Netduma router back in December of 2014.  Everything has been working fine, until I noticed I was lagging bad on BO3 recently.  I ran a speedtest and was only getting 3mbs down, when I normally get 22.  Also, I was getting the "packet fragmentation" message when I tested the connection on the PS4.  I completed a factory reset on both the Uverse hub and the Netduma router, and still have the same issues.


I finally connected my computer directly to the router and observed the following:


  • When the Netduma is connected to the hub and I connect my computer to the Uverse hub separately, I only get 3mbs on a speedtest
  • If I disconnect the Uverse hub to Netduma ethernet cable, all of a sudden I get 22mbs down on the speedtest
  • The Netduma device manager page no longer alerts me that I'm behind a router.  It just displays the WAN IP.
  • The Netduma is listed as a "DMZ Device" and the firewall on the Uverse hub shows disabled for the Netduma


So something changed between the Netduma and Uverse hub connection.  


Any ideas how I could fix this?


I'm on v1.03.4 btw

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Thats interesting... it's similar to what I experienced... I setup a bunch of port forwarding rules for my Netduma and setup a DMZ, just for the PS4.. and it reduced my throughput significantly (from 90M to 20M.)

Everything went right back to normal speeds once the port forward rules and DMZ removed. The Netduma seems happy in bridge mode behind a router. 

My router has as IP >> Netduma (
Then everything else connect to Netduma with an interface address of 192.168.88.XXX

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I don't have any port forwarding rules setup.  From what I've read, they're not needed.


My router IP is 198.xxxx but the Netduma IP is 76.xxx, something completely different.  


I just don't understand why connecting the Netduma would reduce my Internet speed overall, even to devices connected directly to the Uverse box.  As soon as I disconnect the Netduma from the Uverse box, speeds return to normal.


There has to be something very simple in setting of either the Uverse box or the Netduma that I need to change.  That or the Netduma broke.

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Thanks, I'll read the Wiki.  My biggest issue is that things were working fine for almost a year, and all of a sudden something changed.  To eliminate my ISP as the source of the problem, I made them come out and swap out my Uverse hub.  I'll read the Wiki and hopefully I'll find a solution in there.

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