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#TBT: Geo-Filter Prototype Screenshot

Netduma Iain

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I can tell you that its the only melodramatic moment I'd say I've had in my life. 


I was laying in bed, after pretty much completing the first anti-flood prototype. But I was not as happy as I thought I'd be and when I was honest with myself  it was because there was still a massive lag issue. Playing distance/foreign hosts.


And I was lying there thinking, it just sucks how you can't do anything about it. The speed of light is the speed of light, and furthermore I know nothing about physical layer and the electronics level. Then it just hit me, a reverse in logic. Instead of trying to be faster just don't play them. Then I had the original implementation of the Geo-Filter which would reduce the TTL of a packet.


I tested it on Halo Reach and the results were pretty damn impressive, but there were some issues. For example I couldn't connect to someone in Scotland but I could to someone in New York because there were less hops. Also you'd get disconnects if the router changed. But it was obivious from there, I just need to Geo-graphically.


But then the challenge began how on earth do I get 256MB database into 4MB? Well that was a summer of lots of Maths, I remember Andy Murray winning WImbledon and me going nearly insane trying to figure out how to make it possible :)

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Then it just hit me, a reverse in logic. Instead of trying to be faster just don't play them. 


It's ironic, but being able to choose what server you play on has been a staple of PC gaming since... Forever.


I know MS and Sony want to make the console experience as easy as possible for casual gamers, but some things should not be kept behind closed doors so-to-speak, IMO.


Of course, this was the grand opportunity that presented itself to you, so I applaud your determination and wherewithal to realize it from concept to finished product :)

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