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Drastic speed reduction.

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My ISP gives me an ethernet cable to plug in to my router or directly to a device. So recently I decided to plug it into my PC directly and I got a speed as promised by my ISP of about 95 mbps up and down.



And this surprised me because when I connected the cable to the Netduma I was getting a speed of 45 Mbps on my PC connected via Ethernet from the Netduma when I had disconnected all my wired devices and my wireless was disabled too



I have made sure that there was no restriction on my upload and download speed on the software and set congestion control to give max bandwidth to the computer.My bandwidth settings are set to the speeds I get on my PC wired directly. I have attached screenshots of my settings.


Why is there such a drastic reduction in speed when I connect to my Duma? Is there anything I am doing wrong cause this seems really peculiar? Does the Duma not support a 100 mbps speed?

Any help would be appreciated. I really want to get this fixed







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Follow the guide and you are giving the Techgodrachit device 100% upload i would reset the Device Prioritisation tick share access reset and update disrobution.



Thanks so much dude! It worked.. Got my speed up to 95 Mbps. Thanks so much for the support .You guys are awesome.Gosh I love this forum. Thanks lukasz too :D

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