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Afternoon All

Thanks in advance for any help given, always appreciated.

Quick one - Bufferbloat, what can cause this and how can it be fixed? I have 2000mbps down and 2000mbps up, i have tried the test with QoS on and off and both have the same result. Can bufferbloat be caused from my ISP? an if so is there a way to test to prove its ISP related rather than house. 

I just know as soon as i complain they will immediately say its my fault, and i dont understand enough to be able to counter that argument and get them to sort it their side.

Results are as shown below. Gaming has a ! and i only really use my internet to game !


YOU may think 33ms is nothing, but in Call of duty... I am literally shooting people loads and not killing them. I have changed and tried everything, so the only thing i think it could be is this bufferbloat. When i watch my friends kill cams (Say 3 of us are dead and 1 is alive) the 1 alive will miss all shots and get the kill... my other 2 mates will say he hit every bullet but on my screen he misses every bullet because the enemy is not where he actually is if that makes sense. 


Ive tried QoS, changing all settings, 3 different routers, new wires, new ONT, new PC's, new Network cards... everything i have spent £££££ trying to resolve this so i can go pro.

This is now the only real thing i can see that could maybe be the issue?




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Bufferbloat only occurs when the network is saturated i.e. when all your bandwidth is being used up so at your speeds the only time bufferbloat is going to be a problem is when you're doing a download, otherwise there is plenty for everyone to use. QoS will also only apply to have your speeds so it won't be controlling your full speeds. I don't think that's your issue.

Where are your closest servers, can you use the Geo-Filter to get closer games and therefore a lower ping?

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