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Geo-Filter should 'technically' work since it's mainly for when having PvP. But, usually, the PvP or Player(s) you're competing against. The server is already chosen when logging in. It's been a while since I played Aion. Geo-Filter shines, especially when it's some form of 'matching making'. If your PVP has matching making against random chosen opponent. Then Geo-filter should still work without having an Aion Game Profile in Geofilter. 

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You can enable Geo-Filter around Germany and enable filtering. Now, open the game and servers may show on the Geo-Filter map. If it doesn't, then there are no servers available in GeoFilter. If you're trying to reduce your ping to the servers. You should choose the closest server to you in game. Again, When opening the game and before choosing character. The Geofilter should show some servers that available or being used by Aion. You should see the nearest server to you.

I just find an article and I see that Aion Classic for Europe begin sometime in April 2023. Here's what the article states


So I believe there's only ONE server for Aion Classic, International.


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I'm assuming this is on PC so in the Device Manager set your PC as a PlayStation then go to the Geo-Filter add your PC and select the manual option, then see if the above works for you

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