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ok guys i had to return my xr1000 it was acting up so i got another one for exchange so i hook it up firmware  V1.0.0.58_1.0.44 I DIDNT UPDATE the  FIRMWARE I CAN SEE THE MW2 SERVERS WHEN I PING THEM I WANNA KNOW if i update my firmware will i still see the mw2 servers when i ping them...also i dont see vanguard on the list to ping do i just use the mw2 servers for vanguard thanx....

i could never get the mw2 servers to ping  i did not updaate my firware to should i mleave it and not update it

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now im not seeing any block servers or players load on my geofilter when i load game i try polygon mode also radar i resync both clouds so far also disable auto ping host i see just 1 player in my polygon mode that pops up but no other servers or blocked servers or players

Screenshot (8).png

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You won't always see blocked servers and you won't see any players on the map unless you invite them into a party, the icon in your polygon will be the game server. Auto Ping Host just automatically pings the server you're playing on.

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