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Interleaved off zennon ?


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Years ago when mw3 was out i found out about fastpath profile  for gamers 

On the original cod mw2  it made the game easy mode for  when i discoverd about it

I was with talktalk here in the uk

This was availible on dsl connections

All i did was  sighn up to there forums and asked them to enable fastpath profile

They put me on the 9db fastpath profile

 This for me was brilkiant 

 On the forums you could   ask them to change the dbs to either 12db  6db 9db or 15db if i remeber correctly

For me 9db worked amazing for me ive never had a connetion even close to how good that was


far as im aware this is done buy turing off interleved off

I learnt this from zennon

I then switched to  fttc and wanted to get a fastpath profile enabled  but i was told by talktalk forums  it was on avaible by adsl connection i then asked on these forums about it 

 Zennon the ledgend told me how to turn off interleaved this wa over 7 yrs ago at my olde propetry

They told me  certain modems  huawei modems  work  better with certain  local exchanfe cabinets down the road  as  far as i remember at the time there were 3 types of cabinets two of thdm worked great with huawei modems due to chips i think


What it would do was turn off interleaved on the cabinet as the cabinet uses a programme to turn it off or on  far as im aware

This then decreased my ping from around 30ms to around 11ms i think


Im just wandering if theres any modem/ router out there that can  chane  my dbs

 Lkke i used to with  the forums  tech support used to do it before yrs ago on adsl

I did read yrs ago that there where routers that could do this but it yrs ago and i cant remeber how of where i read iti think it was to do with atunation strength i think  

 My current modem is th hg 612 zennon recomended yrs ago

 I hope i made sence

I just wandering if this can be done






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Fast path is only on ECI cabs. A router can not alter that as it’s done at the exchange using dynamic line management. 6db is fast path so 9db means you were running slower due to your line stability.

Hauwei cabs use g.imp. If your line is stable it can go down to 3db but again it’s dynamic line management. There are profiles like fast to super stable, fast tends to be the standard though. It all depends on the quality of your line. No router can control this.

Vigor 130, not sure about the updated versions as the 130 was ECI but that modem can adjusted as per your request but it can muck your line up and you end up banded and that’s not good.


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