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  1. I have to admit to being surprised Netduma leave these Ghost lobby posts up (well done BIG__DOG for removing them as much as you can) The cheats are against Bungles T&C's and result in a ban if caught, its also against Netdumas T&C's. The point of the game is to grind. If your attitude is to get though a game without playing by the rules you ruin the game for legit users. Bungie make some odd decisions now and then but that's no excuse for peddling cheat code. I have played since the release day of the first version of Destiny , that's over 6 years worth of game play and the crush of starting again almost when 2 came out, but I never cheated. Then people like you came along and ruined it for me, so I stopped playing with over half a million kills under my belt just for my Warlock People posting about ghost lobbies and offering cheat code or .exes let alone asking for money make Netduma look bad! I'm sure they guys on the forum from the Netduma team really appreciate you turning this into known site for exploit code for Destiny 2. It does not make them look good and could damage their reputation, but then again you only seem to care about getting something for nothing, so I doubt you care. This is a site for gamers, not scammers!
  2. If its in the logs its blocked already. You are port scanned every day, and if your IP range does not respond because of stealth mode of your firewall, they know you are there anyway so changing IP is pointless, this is the background noise of the internet, they are not interested in you, don't worry about the logs, and just enjoy whatever you are doing.
  3. Do you have any addblockers on your browser that are still on when you login to the XR1000?
  4. Just thought I would mention that Tunnel lbear is part of the 14 eye countries so your data and IP can be accessed by Canada or the USA or the UK Germany , Spain etc if they ask for the details and they do from time to time. Maybe choose a VPN thats not part of the 14 eye countries agreement like ExpressVPN or Nord etc. Edward Snowden gave a lot of useful info to users to be safe and hidden online
  5. Have you tried a factory reset,? Make sure you have the latest firmware as patches age going out for the Frag vulnerability then hold the recessed button on the back for 20-30 seconds, let the router reboot and set it up manually again, do not use a config save file. See how it goes after that. The XR1000 is a router that really needs factory resets after updates I'm afraid.
  6. Where are you? If in the UK (Zen use fritboxes) go to https://www.thinkbroadband.com/speedtest run a test and it will tell you. If in the USA use DSL reports but don't get hung up on getting an A+ over an A it makes sod all difference. My Base ping is 6ms, with a company called IDNet. Peering which is the number of paid agreements an ISP has helps a lot with base ping. So knowing your ISP may help but I'm UK based so not up on US ISP's.
  7. So who's your sponsor? So are you asking if DumaOS will help your bullets connect? Tbh what's your base ping and also what's your buffer bloat scores with the fritzbox?
  8. I was just wondering if the R2 has been patched against the Frag attack? see below. Looks nasty but is to exploit as well, thankfully I'm patched. A dozen Wi-Fi design and implementation flaws make it possible for miscreants to steal transmitted data and bypass firewalls to attack devices on home networks, according to security researcher Mathy Vanhoef. On Tuesday, Vanhoef, a postdoctoral researcher in computer security at New York University Abu Dhabi, released a paper titled, "Fragment and Forge: Breaking Wi-Fi Through Frame Aggregation and Fragmentation" Scheduled to be presented later this year at the Usenix Security conference, the paper describes a set of wireless networking vulnerabilities, including three Wi-Fi design flaws and nine implementation flaws. Vanhoef, who in 2017 along with co-author Frank Piessens identified key reinstallation attacks (KRACKs) on the WPA2 protocol (used to secure Wi-Fi communication), has dubbed his latest research project FragAttacks, which stands for fragmentation and aggregation attacks. https://www.theregister.com/2021/05/12/krack_hack_wifi/
  9. The Ubiquiti Dream machine is also good, one of the members here uses it and it would fill the slots the user is after, although it has no Wi-Fi 6 which is a shame as that's the current Wi-Fi standard now. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ubiquiti-UniFi-Dream-Machine-Router/dp/B082QMR5ML
  10. The XR1000 is I would say underpowered, it has a triple core 1.5Ghz CPU with one core being solely for DPI. So really its a dual core machine running two lots of firmware (netgear and DumaOS) The RAX120 has a 2.2Ghz 64 bit quad core SoC and a 1.7Ghz 64 bit dual core Soc for DPI and networking tasks for say Bitdefender Armor, which isn't really basic as it scans all your devices and has real-time updates for malware, phishing and ransomware ect, it also blocks malware at the router level, but you need to use the app.The R2's are not available in the UK at this time, things may change on that device as both versions run the same firmware at present. It's a onboard AV basically. None of the Netgear routers apart from the RAX200 use up and DL and UL OFDMA or BSS or TWT. The XR1000 has Netgear Armor but that does not play well with DumaOS. Honestly go for a XR500 or an Asus RT-86U the XR1000does not have all the DumaOS features either. The XR500 is a better bet even though its Wi-Fi 5. It ll depends what you want, gaming or security really. The RAX120 also has the best coverage of all the devices and is the only router that can do 4K and 8K TV streams and handle 12 AX streams simultaneously. UL OFDMA has issues on all AX devices still, hence its not important, in fact OFDMA is not really worth having at all, like MU-Mimo which never really caught on.
  11. You are not allowed to tout for money for cheats on this forum please see T&C's and kindly delete your post, oh and your router is EOL.
  12. Can you go into more detail please
  13. As far as I know the XR300 is EOL (end of life) no idea if it will get DumaOS 3.0 tbh.
  14. I tend to find with Destiny just playing the game as intended suffices.
  15. Gaming uses very small amounts of data, less than 1Mb generally, you don't need 100% for gaming.
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