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Help with limiting the background downloads

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1 hour ago, kennyt1999 said:

Is their any way to lower the background downloads because when i look at the traffic prioritization chart it's always more then my priority device?

That's essentially just a counter as to how much un-prioritised traffic has passed through. We would expect this to be considerably more than the prioritised traffic because you're not prioritising everything on the network, only the important stuff.

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Gaming barely uses any bandwidth and streaming uses a lot of bandwidth so that's quite normal. Can you provide a screenshot of your QoS page please? Are you noticing any issues or is it just that loaded ms you're concerned by?

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it's loaded ms, Because my Internet has been bad in my apartment when playing video games for about a year now, Xfinity has replaced everything from the line running through our building to the tap, to the modem. And they have basically given up finding the issue, So I thought I'd try to figure it out myself. I could get you a screenshot of the QOS page a little later today.

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