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a hidden way to limit bandwidth for browsers, steam, and windows 10, 11


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found a nifty thing/s to limit bandwidth usage for browsers is right clicking on a browser website page to click on inspect and going over to network on drop down and limiting bandwidth for download nothing less than 27mbps and upload 3.4mbps but from what I heard it's only works per tab that your on I could be mistaken that it's a placebo but I get better hit reg on COD on my playstation using a Netduma R2, you can do it to windows 10 and 11 by clicking the windows button on bottom left and typing in bandwidth "windows update delivery settings" and clicking on advanced do it for steam too if you play steam games on your desktop or laptop, you can use the inspect on most windows tablets and all laptops make sure if you create a throttling rule you select it afterwards in the inspect network window and close out with the X on the top right, from what I can assume that most apps and browsers use bandwidth in the background what you don't see including Microsoft edge, google chrome, Oprea,  steam, and windows OS

295628219_1032898327412735_600337315626709266_n (1).jpg

295753281_381594274102169_4350444910264808358_n (1).jpg


296046327_475175701276794_495292423742812706_n (1).jpg


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These changes will essentially throttle the speed at which Chrome, Steam, or whichever application can download at. If you frequently have big downloads happening while playing then yes, it's possible this could help with your experience on the PlayStation.

However, Congestion Control in DumaOS allows you to do this network wide, rather than having to make the configuration change in individual applications on individual devices.

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