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Transfered from a xr500 to a xr1000 and cannot get full speed.


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Hey Team,

I have used Netduma for a while xr500 got 940 down 50 up no problem, Transferred to Xr1000 and cannot get over 600 unless I disabled qos and good put.

I have super hub 4 in router mode with Wi-Fi turned off and netduma straight swapped, I Have tried traffic prioritization ports of 1- 65535 i think it was and still nothing . I manually set the speed to 1000mbs, but if I let the duma do the settings it goes to 560 area. Both internet and port 1 are 1000mbits full duplex on device table.


I am stuck is there anything else you can suggest please also I have put the duma in the dhcp  rule table.




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18 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

Great so on the Hub go to Advanced Settings > Security > DMZ then put in the IP for the XR1000 that the hub shows and apply changes, then test the speed again through the XR.

Just done that and no change, really . I don't no how simply swapping for 500 to 1000 can be so deprimental.

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Do you happen to still know the MAC address of the XR500?

As a test, could you go on the XR1000 -> Settings -> Setup -> Internet Setup and at the bottom of the page select 'Use this MAC address'.

Put the XR500's MAC address there, then reboot the XR1000. After that, re-test your speeds.

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