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QoS not working as intended?

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I think I may not understand how QoS is supposed to work. I have fiddled around for years with the QoS settings and have tried to make it so when I am gaming I have low lag.. however this is my network status currently while in the middle of a game with 500ping. The two devices in question have their QoS slider set to 0 while my PS5 has 25% (Hardwired) and my laptop (wireless) sits at 20%.. But my stream and game are both lagging and playing at 144p.. image.thumb.png.2d6ac79e5605c42b428a9e3df6ce10c0.png

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If you haven't disabled Share Excess they will be able to take more than their allocation if other devices aren't using much. Congestion Control is what would limit the lag and ensure you can play while other devices are being used.

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