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Found 13 results

  1. The question seems pretty easy to reply but where is the real situation: I just bought the R2 but i noticed that the game i wanna play War Thunder is not in the Classified games list in order to prioritize those packets. I do have 2-3 devices connected to the R2 and placing my Computer as Console it's just a cheap option because then everything get prioritize which is not what I'm trying to do, wich means not only game packets but other junk get prioritized aswell. And one of the other devices is a VOIP gateway What is the solution here? Portfowarding the ports used by the game? I did already asked the game to be added in the Classified List but i'm pretty sure is not gonna be included anytime soon.
  2. Hello Liam, Fraser, When will DumaOS 3.2 version be available for consumers? Is there a due date for the 3.2 final release? All I know so far is this: Best Regards, Adrian M.
  3. So I just got the phone app update and Im having two issues. First is the fact that the app and browser which I normally use conflict with each other on the geofilter settings. So which one should I use and then also on the app I cant save a custom geofilter setting only the simple option stays selected when closing the app down. I use the app for my console and the browser for my pc so I use both methods. Thanks for your time
  4. my ping in game fluctuates daily. I know you guys said run a other speed test and those are actual speeds. My question is Why cant my 200 dollar router get my speeds right? It isn't off by a little its off by a LONG shot. help explaining this would be great. 2 pics are 1 on duma speed test, 2nd is ookla speed test on mobile. The other 2 are on PC speed test 1st dumaos, 2nd ookkla speedtest. It bother's me because 3 of my buddies have a R2 and the speed test works exactly the same as ookla or any other testing site. ON A BETTER NOTE-------------- LOVE THIS UPDATE it has been amazing so far. Appreciate all the hard work you guy's do.
  5. I think I may not understand how QoS is supposed to work. I have fiddled around for years with the QoS settings and have tried to make it so when I am gaming I have low lag.. however this is my network status currently while in the middle of a game with 500ping. The two devices in question have their QoS slider set to 0 while my PS5 has 25% (Hardwired) and my laptop (wireless) sits at 20%.. But my stream and game are both lagging and playing at 144p..
  6. Any reason filter mode does not work for cod PC?
  7. Recently I have noticed that my speeds from speedtest.net have been slower that usual. My set up is my R1 connected to my ISP Modem then my laptop connected via cat6 to the R1 and the R1 is running v 3.0.207. My download speed should be 250 Megabits per second but a few weeks ago, I noticed my speeds had been settling around the 180-200 Mbps range (all tests have been done on speediest.net to my ISP server). I rebooted my R1 numerous times and that moved my speeds up to 200-220 Mbps. Like any enthusiast, I thought it was my ISP but after connecting to my modem, I have consistently gotten a full 260 Mbps on every test. QOS is turned off, I set my bandwidth on the router to 250, 300,1000 but none of the speed setting had an impact on my speeds. Any ideas on what may be causing the issue/ what can be done about it?
  8. I have previously reported mislocated servers in the past on the stickied thread but it seems that Geo-Filter still doesn't recognise/register when I set my home location to Singapore. The only workaround is to set my home location in the middle of the ocean with Ping Assist set to 20ms with the radius at a minimum 111KM. There are definitely servers in Singapore as my ingame latency is always 7ms. All other games show up fine on Ping Heatmap except for Call of Duty - CW, MW & Warzone. I am aware that the servers change often but is there going to be a fix to finally have Geo-Filter work as intended for CoD for the servers in Singapore?
  9. I tried to change my region to Brazil (Im located in NA) to test the dumaos geofiltering feature in apex (it tells you ur automatic server when you log in). With a wired connection, my desktop ignored the geofilter location, with a wireless connection, it did infact the brazil server, is there anyway for this to work via ethernet? My ethernet is connected to the modem directly, not the router, could that be a reason as to why?
  10. Can i toggle filtering mode on the geo filter while the game is running or do i need to reset my game after making any changes on Geo-filter?
  11. Hi! I got the R2 back when it was released. I finally got around to setting it up. Recently upgraded my internet ( xfinity ) to the 1gb speed! Bought a new modem ( Arris SB8200 ) with docsis 3.1. Setup: sb8200->R2->Xbox and PS4 (all connected with cat6) The problem I’m having is with the R2. My Xbox and PS4 don’t get internet. Any suggestions? Do I need to do any updates for the R2 or set something up within the modem? By the way I live in Ca, USA. thanks in advance!
  12. I've been getting quite a few of these every minute and wanted to make sure something isn't amiss on my network. I do have a Pi-Hole configured with a static address and selected as my DNS server.
  13. Bonjour pouvons nous nous connecter en ssh sur le xr500 afin d'envoyer des commandes par exemple ? J'aimerais particulièrement pourvoir voir toutes les requêtes réseau avec Wireshark par exemple.
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