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  1. So, I just had Wifi drop again. January 16, 4:04pm Newfoundland Standard Time
  2. I think I may not understand how QoS is supposed to work. I have fiddled around for years with the QoS settings and have tried to make it so when I am gaming I have low lag.. however this is my network status currently while in the middle of a game with 500ping. The two devices in question have their QoS slider set to 0 while my PS5 has 25% (Hardwired) and my laptop (wireless) sits at 20%.. But my stream and game are both lagging and playing at 144p..
  3. Never mind this post. I am exactly that dumb tonight
  4. This is probably a setting that can be easily found but I am being dumb. Is it possible to change the QoS from application back to devices?
  5. It has actually been turned on this whole time. I had assistance back in 2018 I believe and never turned off the remote access
  6. BKxLounge


  7. I have the R1 but I will do that on my lunch break today in about an hour's time if that is alright? I would guess the route to get to the remote access is the same on the R1 OS
  8. Hey Liam, I would love to be able to do this but as mentioned above, when this error occurs wifi is lost and not connection to the router can be made as the only device I have with an ethernet connection is my PS5.
  9. I am hoping its just some IP setting error with my issue because I do not have the $$$$ to buy a new netduma. And I really dont want to go back to the old ways before I had this router.
  10. You can't. They are in the EU and I would hazard to guess they are asleep currently (damn, it sucks being human). Be patient and just work through the problem with Liam and Fraiser. They are great devs and honestly don't need to be helping us but they give to their community. I am in the same boat with dropping connection but eventually they will like take manual control and change some settings and it will fix
  11. Update, after changing the DHCP setting to 168 hours and applying I lost everything. I then factory reset and it was working alright. Lost Wifi last night so did as Fraiser recommended and turned Wifi on and off. Now this evening 10:43 pm Wifi dropped again. Super confused on why it is just the Wifi that drops.. ethernet connection remains stable with no issues.
  12. Okay, I will try that tonight if the Wifi drops again. Things seem to be working fine currently
  13. I could try that, would you be able to explain how to make a Guest Wifi network. I like to think I am pretty versed in this stuff but there are still a few things where I am unsure.
  14. That may be an issue. I do not own a device (computer or laptop) with Ethernet capabilities. The only device connected via ethernet currently is my PS5. Would it be possible to access the DumaOS UI through that with a mouse and keyboard?
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