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  1. I was told by Fraser on twitter to post in the 1 on 1.... My question is why bother setting a ping limiter if im still going to connect to services with pings well over 100ms? Also this happens to all games, CoD, R6, Fortnite, H1Z1, no matter what game I am playing i get high ping with no control. Also with the use of QoS, no matter what settings, percentage, reactive/ preemptive, share excess on/off, reducing the amount used on all other devices in the home to 0 and Hyper traffic my console is constantly being throttled and gets lower speeds which is shown in the network monitor graph. This has been happening since the day I got the R1 and i already reached out for help, and nothing got fixed but I was told to get better internet, even though before purchasing the device i specifically asked if it worked well with the internet speeds i was getting and was assured by both yourself and Fraser that yes the R1 and the QoS is excellent for lower internet speeds.
  2. running 1.03.6j No matter what I set in the QoS my ps4 lags and i continuously get high ping, also if i adjust the QoS for more to be dedicated to my computer nothing changes as shown in network monitor. Also having issues blocking dedicated servers, when i do so i am then never able to connect to a game again. this happens in both CoD and Fortnite and Rainbow six seige. Also I have to manually enter the ports to open for Rainbow six seige. Available any time during the week, except for tuesday
  3. even with all these changes im still having issues where i get high latency in game
  4. I changed my Security mode and the Channel base off a Wifi Analyzer This was the test with wired connection to my ISP router (with wifi disabled on the ISP Modem now) And this is the wired test on the R1 Unfortunately the internet speeds I have are as high as they are available in the area I live, however I was told the R1 is perfect for situations like mine.
  5. I am ready whenever you are free just let me know what you need. I have Join.me downloaded.
  6. That should work for me, roughly how long will the meeting take?
  7. Post has been modified to fulfill the guidelines and the app join.me has been download preemtively
  8. Firmware version: 1.03.6h The issue you are having (include as many details as possible and a link to the original thread about your issue): Having issues with connecting to friends in different areas, having lag and high ping spikes when other members of family are using the internet whilst gaming. (http://forum.netduma.com/topic/22824-unable-to-connect-to-friends-in-other-provinces/) Times/dates available: Available, any time during the following dates,November 30, December 1,2,3,4,,, ect
  9. I have my congestion control set to the recommended 70/70 whilst I'm gaming however I am still getting lag spikes, and when I look at my devices it's not showing any large spikes in consumption of upload or download from any other devices in the home. Last night my wife was on skype on her computer and my kids were watching Netflix on one device and no matter what I did with the congestion control I was getting lag. Not sure what else I am supposed to be doing. Should I change my device prioritization?
  10. I am also noticing that when im playing games im still getting ping spikes with other people in y home using internet, for stuff like youtub, netflix, skype.
  11. I tried adding this last night, but when I void the netduma and plug directly into my modem I have no issues, and all devices wired and wireless are connect to the netduma and nothing else.
  12. Also would like to add that I am not able to create a party chat on PSN as well as load my friends list
  13. My current NAT Type is 2 and is showing open on multiple different CODs. UPnP is enabled, and I am not able to host games as even when i disable the host filtering i am not given any options to even invite my friends. As for the party chat issues my friends are also reporting they have NAT Type 2 and is showing open on whichever games they are playing( Overwatch, R6S) and yet at least one persons voice will lag if i am the host of that private party chat. As for the hovering i stated even when I click on the server or host the ping does not load and that is with auto ping host turned off. I have even tried restarting and rebooting the router and my ISP modem. In my ISPs modem i have gone in and set up the DMZ host filtering to allow the access to the Netduma, but when i go into the network information tab in the netduma it is giving me and error where is it telling me to set up the DMZ hosting because the netduma is detecting another router ( my ISPs modem has both ethernet and wifi abilities) Also what if some of the games I play with friends don't have a private match option?
  14. There must be an easier way to add friends to the allow/deny list, I thought I had allowed him on my Netduma by going into a private match however once in the private match the only available host data was located in British Colombia ( my friend lives in Ontario) so I allowed this host anyway to see if that would solve my issue, it did not. I continued to have issues for 3 hours last night and was unable to invite my friends or join them. I increased my ping assist to 200ms ( i know thats not recommended) and i even disabled the geo-filter for my playstation and still had issues with gaming with friends. This doesn't even begin to describe the issues with private party chat. No matter who hosted the party at least one person would complain my mic was lagging, this was after I had done the previous things I have spoke about. I also increased my range to the max and covered the entire map, reduced it to the lowest possible with no avail. My congestion control was set to 70/70 and I increased my device prioritization on my Playstation 4 on both up/down. I also have hyper-traffic set up on my playstation. Strict mode is not turned on. Is there an better game to have my friends and I play to select there host address? Also the circle rotating around my home location is red and there is no information when i hover over any of the "host/severs" there is no information, this also happens in the allow and deny section, I have disabled my adblocker as recommended and still no resolution.
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