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What games/services do you want added to DumaOS?

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9 hours ago, AlanOfTheBerg said:

How about apps besides games? For example, cloud backups. I have a feeling a lot traffic I have is backup-related, but shows up as "unknown." Would this same method with wireshark be useful for this?

Absolutely, yes. Any application or service you want added, go ahead and capture them the same way as mentioned in the article and we'll see if we can get them added!

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Hi guys, requesting Steam based game - Post Scriptum please be added.

I recently purchased game optimiser through for telstra “smart modem” and can not get the  DumaOS to recognise my game activity on PC. I have tried to add it in but do not have appropriate option to… I even tried selecting PC>UNREAL engine, as far as I understand they use that for the game, but no luck.

I was advised by telstra tech support to request the game be added here. 



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