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XR500 Slow Speed After Setup

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How are you connected to the XR500, via wired or wireless?

The speedtest on the router interface is run from the router, whereas the speedtest.net screenshot you've taken would've been run from your device. If it's connected via wireless or via an ethernet cable lower than CAT 5E, these results make sense.

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11 hours ago, nadale said:

Hi I'm using cat 6 now and was using cat 6 then new calbe still same problem 30 mgps on wireless i get same around 15 on phone though 500

Can you please go to Device Manager and switch to table view from the three-line menu in the top left of the Device map. After doing this, please send over a screenshot of the top table.

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Thanks for that, so it appears that the PC is limited to 100Mbits and Half Duplex, this is probably due to the settings on the network card for the PC. I would check both the ethernet and wireless network adapter. Here is a guide on how to change it, it's showing older Windows but is fine for Windows 10 - https://www.linksys.com/us/support-article?articleNum=132174 you will need to change both adapters to 1Gbps Full Duplex. Then try a speedtest on the device again.

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