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Netduma R2 not achieving speeds


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I received my Netduma R2 today. I'm on a BT FTTP line which has Modem connected to the BT Homehub. 

I've disconnected the Homehub from the modem, configured the netduma to PPPOE, set upstream DNS and connected to the modem but I'm getting reduced speeds and higher ping under load than I was on my older setup. This is all done with QoS etc disabled. I generally get around the 900 down 100 up mark on speeds, with my unloaded latency at 2ms, loaded around 7ms. 

I've copied the MAC address from the previous router and ensured I have full gigabit connections but can't seem to resolve it. 







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Interestingly yeah - swapped the Netduma onto DCHP, reset the MAC and routed through the homehub and its getting the speeds I get when using the homehub on its own. 




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Ok makes sense Liam cheers.

In terms of the DMZ, I'm putting in the WAN IP of the R2 into the homehub right? Not the gateway 

On a separate note, would there be a reason for the link speed to vary on a port connection? It has been at Full Duplex 1000Mbits for the past hour but has since dropped to 100Mbits. All cabling is Cat6 and above and hasn't been unplugged or knocked.

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Yes that's right, you can find the WAN IP of the R2 on the System Information page.

It could be a faulty cable, there are no settings specifically for the ports that would affect this. I'd suggest trying another cable and see if it is more stable.

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