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XR1000 Router's IPv6 Address On WAN Not Available

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Currently not being able to connect to IPv6 through the advanced settings, my previous router is set to auto detect and I have no problem connecting my xbox to ipv6, but on the XR1000 no matter what I try I can't auto config the IPv6 through the XR1000 and even when I setup it up manually (which I never had to do before) It just ends up eventually breaking connection and auto defaulting to IPv4. I've gone through everything connection type and connected with all the information I have and I still can't get through. 


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10 hours ago, Stratiuz said:

I have tried this and it keeps disconnecting and re-connects its defaults. 

Could you please confirm which firmware version you're using? There were some improvements to IPv6 on the most recent firmware so I'd suggest upgrading to that if you're not already. Make sure you also factory reset the XR after doing this.

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