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when i log in ive got an error code and cant use dumaOS


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Sorry to hear you're having this issue, if you press ok on the error what happens, does it reappear or does the interface load? What web browser/device are you viewing the interface on? Do you know the firmware version you're on? 

If you give it a reboot, wait 2 minutes before accessing/connecting then it should load correctly.

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11 hours ago, Jagra said:


Could you try a different web browser or clear cache on your current web browser? Do you have any adblocker browser extensions enabled?

How are you accessing the interface, using routerlogin.net or the IP?

Also, what firmware version are you currently running on the XR1000? If you've recently upgraded to the latest firmware, I would suggest factory resetting to ensure you're starting from a clean slate and don't run into any bugs like this.

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