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Geofilter Question (Not a Fault)


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I was wondering how geofilter works when in game with a party.

I often play in a party and have geofilter enabled and the party leader role swaps between party members.

My understanding is that when you are party leader, the rest of the party are tethered to the geofilter, but if you are not, then the geofilter only works for the individual. What happens in this case if the party gets allocated a server outside of the geofilter radius?

I've had issues with Apex Legends, whereby I will be nocked out of the party under such circumstances, but never with Warzone, so does this mean that the geofilter isn't working, or are there more Warzone severs available that can serve my geographical location without being forced too far away? I know that Apex doesn't seem choosey about where it sends you...

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You're exactly right there, the person with the Geo-Filter enabled should be the party leader and yes in theory if the game finds a server the majority of the party can connect to but you can't and you're not the leader then it is possible it will kick you. 

On Warzone it could be a couple of things, the server they connected to you happened to be in your radius - as you said, they do have quite a lot of servers so this is a distinct possibility. The other is that they do a better job of keeping the party together and only put you on a server you can all connect to.

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