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Set Geofilter on a Network Switch

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I have 7 gaming devices plugged into a switch. It exceeds the max of 4 devices you can set normally with the geo filter. Is there any way I can set the network switch as the device that is being filtered so I can have all 7 devices being filtered?

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

You can only do this if it is a managed switch i.e. it gets an IP address from the router and the switch has settings you can apply to devices. If it's not managed then that won't be possible as the switch is essentially transparent on the network and devices connected to it appear as though they are directly connected to the router.

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This doesn't work. I have tried lol.


I think because the managment interface in the switch is a separate entity. Ie it has a internal client connected to the switch. When you log into your switch it will simply connect to that. That's why you need to be on the same VLAN as the managment interface should you want to acces it. The ports are simply pass through like a dumb switch.


So if you add a managed switch in Geofilter you only geofilter the managment interface of the switch.


What might work is adding a second router as all devices connected to the second router will appear to have the same IP to the DumaOS router. Ie if people have a old R1 around this might do the trick.

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