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Geofilter device selection for Xbox missing

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Modem -> Netgear Orbi -> R2 -> Xbox Series X

Since configuring a separate WAN for the R2 for gaming, geofilter doesn't allow me to select the Xbox as.a device type in the top left corner. This seems to have been since all connections were made via ethernet. Do I need a wireless connection from the R2 to the Xbox to allow geofilter device type selection? 

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I get the message in the attached screenshot and then pressing on 'add device' does nothing. 

Should I have the R2 as the main router? Will slower (than Orbi) processor adversely affect things if I do this?


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Ah I see, you'll need to add the device back the way it was connected to the R2 before with the same name and device type, then delete it from the Geo-Filter. Otherwise you'll have to do a factory reset to get rid of that error. 

Yes I would suggest having the R2 as the main router, no I can't see any issues with it that way - you can always switch back if needed

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