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Found 8 results

  1. Specs: -NetDuma R2 (3.2.453) latest firmware w/ factory reset -I play Fortnite on PC -My PC is set to 'Computer' in Device Manger -Static IP -'Fortnite' is selected in GeoFilter -All port forwarded etc. My issue is that even if I'm hosting the party with lets say, 3 of my friends, it will mostly put them through into a game but I get kicked back to lobby. Second, nobody in my party, friends, randoms, if I'm hosting or not, ever show up on the GeoFilter map, so I cannot add them to my Allow List. This was happening before I factory reset and updated to the latest firmware (3.2.453) GeoFilter setup: Radius set to the minimum 69 miles, off the East Coast of the US in the ocean (I live in SC), with Ping Assist set to 30-50, Strict Mode 'Off', Auto-Ping Host is 'On', and Fast Search is 'Off'. I've also tried setting my radius to my location etc., Polygon Mode, the other options on and off. Doesnt solve anything. Even with Filtering Mode Off, the server that I'm playing on always shows up 100% of the time, but again I just cant see other players in the lobby or in my party at all. I wish I could give a more accurate timeline but approx. 4-5 weeks ago, I used to see at least SOME players show up that I was in the same game lobby with but now I've nothing. ***extra details: IPv6 is completely turned off, DNS is set to Google's DNS, DHCP and UPnP are on, not using a VPN or anything in that capacity, PC is direct wired to R2 via CAT6 ethernet, and I have also tried setting my PC as an Xbox, Playstation, and Games Console in Device Manager and resetting GeoFilter and so on*** EDIT: Oh and Windows Firewall etc. is completely Disabled
  2. So from the research I've done on the forum so far, I don't believe that Rocket League has officially been added for Geofilter support. Here's my question: How do I use the Geofilter for Rocket League on a gaming PC? Auto ping is on but no servers are showing up with Game launched etc. -Netduma R2 with latest firmware installed and also freshly factory reset (3.0.394) -PC set as Console in Device Manager -Added this PC to Geofilter using 'Games Console' -Turned off Strict Mode, Ping Assist to 50ms, hoping to just use it to connect to lowest ping server, not specifically within my radius
  3. Hi Netduma Team, Hope you guys are all doing good. I'm located in France. I'm contacting you as all of a sudden, the NAT type on my xbox series X went strict. I've tried several configurations without no result. I hard reseted the netduma r2 also with no success. So when digging a bit, i saw that the NAT comes back at "open" when i deactivate GeoFilter. It seems like geo filter is blocking Microsoft Xbox NAT servers. I also tried to launch a NAT test on the console and observe what pops on the geofilter map. I then saw two servers poping in around USA East coast. Il allowed these two servers and things seems to be better but this is not a solution in the long term. Could you please give a hand on this. Many thanks in advance Have a nice days. Regards Amah
  4. Modem -> Netgear Orbi -> R2 -> Xbox Series X Since configuring a separate WAN for the R2 for gaming, geofilter doesn't allow me to select the Xbox as.a device type in the top left corner. This seems to have been since all connections were made via ethernet. Do I need a wireless connection from the R2 to the Xbox to allow geofilter device type selection?
  5. I seem to be having problems with my geofilter not working. I am playing Warzone on an Xbox series X console and I recently subscribed to HMA and set up my hybrid vpn in hopes of using my geofilter to play on different servers around the world. The geofilter used to work to limit my connection radius but it seems that now it isn’t even doing that. I have tried to change my location and find a match (Uk, Spain, India, South Africa) seems that it still connects me to my usual server in Los Angles. Hoping someone has some insight on settings I may be missing. Thanks
  6. 2 things. How do you move my geo filter to calirfornia, looks like it's hovering over the UK, that a bit far from me. Also, does anyone else's Wi-Fi constantly cut in and out throughout the day, mine does it all the time and it makes coding very hard for my girl, she thinks I wasted my money on the duma... Hope she not right, lol.
  7. Hello everyone, i ´am from germany and i Really want to change my server Region to near Egypt (Kairo) bether said - the whole near East. I tried to do the whole thing on my own, but realized that I couldn't find a solution However, if I keep my radius completely over the Middle East, I get a ping (20-32MS) and it will stop at 32MS. then I'm trapped in an endless search. I also tried it to America (Texas), and a search for 115MS - 200MS came up. Again I end up in an endless search loop. Friends cannot join my party either. Can Somebody PLS HELP me?
  8. Geofliter quit worrying on my xr500. I cannot load into games by myself in destiny 2 anymore. Anyone have any idea why this is quit working?
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