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Found 6 results

  1. Xbox series x connects to ipv6 if plugged directly into modem. No IPv6 if connected through R2 router. Everything is wired. Ipv6 switches on R2 are switched on. Xbox is DMZ with fixed dchp
  2. Hello, I just can't seem to figure out exactly what i'm doing incorrectly in regards to my geofilter on apex legends. My setup: XboxSeriesX->XR1000->CM1000v2 From my PC I'm also hardwired and so you can assume a similar chain. I'm using my hardwired PC with Chrome when i make changes in my router. I've specifically enabled everything in site settings (on chrome) for the router login page. I noticed when i first purchased the geofilter and ran Apex Legends (on my xbox series x) that a the start screen when i would open the "DATA CENTER'S" it would show a -1 Ping to any of the servers I had blocked. I haven't seen that again since. My geofilter map looks kinda lifeless i'm not observing a connection to the server that i'm connected to via the "Auto Ping host" setting. Ping Assist is set to "0" I'm using polygon mode. In device manager my XSX is labled as a "GAMES CONSOLE" under TYPE. I have my IP address reserved for my XSX on DumaOs. I also have my PC address reserved as well.(Not sure if that info is relevant) I have tried the factory reset and guide plenty of times idk what else to try. Thanks in advance! One more thing my router is a XR1000(WAVEBROADBAND) Firmware Version DumaOS Version 3.0.213
  3. I live in San Francisco, practically right next to a server that is on the geo-filter, however i can never find a match very quickly/the ping in the game is always, any tips on getting fast searches and also low ping games since i am right next to the server thanks guys
  4. Modem -> Netgear Orbi -> R2 -> Xbox Series X Since configuring a separate WAN for the R2 for gaming, geofilter doesn't allow me to select the Xbox as.a device type in the top left corner. This seems to have been since all connections were made via ethernet. Do I need a wireless connection from the R2 to the Xbox to allow geofilter device type selection?
  5. Good evening, I've been trying to use the R2 with my Xbox Series X, however, I can only do so when bridging with my Spectrum router, alone I have no internet connection and when bridged I lose my ability to use the Xbox party chat and have a moderate it strict Nat type with no UPnP, I was wondering if I could get some guidance on how to properly connect the two, or if I'm doing something wrong.
  6. So I have had the old Astro a40s, and just upgraded to the newr TR with the newer mixamp. Well my problem is this: yes you can upgrade the firmware, yes it works via USB (awesome), but I have been struggling to find the right mixture of Dolby Atmos and EQ settings from the mixamp itself. I have been playing with earbuds, and I love that I can finally hear footsteps etc again, only, most options ive played with just sound like theres too much bass, and not enough of that true "surround sound". Sure, footsteps are easily directional, but the audio just sounds like poo without the dolby atmos enabled, with it disabled the bass on the headset seems fine, so...…if there's anyone out there whos run into the same issue, what's your configuration looking like for that sweet spot? I know you can edit the mixamps EQ on the command center for PC, but truthfully I know nothing about how to cut down the bass...so yeah, I have not touched anything 😂 Plz send help lol
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