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Ping under load - Broken

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Hi, i have been using my R1 recently and everything feels smoother.
I when playing Cod i am so behind its unbelievable... my download ping is ridiculously high even when i have auto setup Qos and manual played with the sliders.
It makes my download go to 1%.
Nothing is being downloaded and its insanely all over the place.
Im on version R1 3.0.171 if i go to the newest Version the majority of the time the R-apps dont loads so i constantly have to reboot and still then dont load.  


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We're still working on improving the results so they won't be that bad - also that indicates what the ping could be like if the connection was saturated, if you were just playing a game it would be closer to the Ping Test results so I don't think that will be it. What is the average ping to the game as shown by the Geo-Filter and what does it show in game?

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