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  1. Ill try that, but also if i livestream to twitch this happens -
  2. Ive done that a few times tbf, nothing
  3. DHCP is enabled if thats what you are saying? Im not techinally minded my bad, otherwise hes just connect via ethernet and its in port 3
  4. You mean Xbox? Yes wired to the router, same as my ps4. No rules on traffic controller
  5. His download has finished now and connection is back on point I just dont get when hes got a download basically Qos doesnt work at all Just restarted the pingplotter but so far so good -
  6. Hey guys, once again when im playing my brother has a Xbox download and then this starts to happen once again.
  7. Hey so ive found a decent server i like to play on... Well its a Peer and i put it to my allow Is there any way i can keep playing on that or does it not work like that?
  8. Automatic, hasnt been anything changed. Its literally as if Qos doesnt do anything
  9. Set to always Detects traffic for my Ps4 - Yes Same problems no, but i have a big family and if i untick share access everyone gets like 1mbps download
  10. Its exactly what im trying to figure out, i need some help but i have literally no idea whats going on. The flower is untouched, all even. Correct d/u speeds, but then he downloads on his xbox and via the connection benchmark test it all goes crazy. When hes finished, it goes stable again. This happens when ever there is a big download, not just from his Xbox. Could be from any other device in the house
  11. Basically he takes all the bandwidth, and i start to lag. Ping goes crazy Qos is on and ive got my Ps4 in traffic prio Its as if the Qos doesnt do anything This happens on all Netduma devices, i have to untick share excess but then all internet is limited for everyone in household
  12. Hey guys, once again my brother downloads something and my internet goes crazy as if he has full control.
  13. Ok so this is madness, i went into device manager - Clicked on the Xbox and it was set to "Xbox". i changed this to games console Clicked on my Ps4 and that was set to "playstation". I changed this to games console. Literally fixed the ping spikes. Will keep you updated though
  14. Wired ethernet, not in traffic controller or anything. I have my Ps4 in traffic prio
  15. Same again, heavy download and my ping goes crazy
  16. Yeah its mad to think about, but literally when my brother downloads something heavy it all goes funny. Apart from that, its pretty much all good. Like i said just when he downloads from his xbox, my connection goes crazy
  17. Brother isnt downloading - 1st Image Brother Downloading - 2nd image
  18. Download has finished, now its playable
  19. Testing yeah, to whats going on. Sometimes when playing Cod, bullets are off and its just horrible to play. Its on Always. Wired - Ps4, Xbox, PC Wireless - Everything in household
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