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  1. Hi, so i have had a netduma r1 for a very long time and no issues but all of a sudden i have logged into psn, loaded up warzone and apparently my servers are in America. My friends apparently live in America (Which they live in the UK like me). So i have to open up the geo filter fully to even connect to the online servers, then keep them open to find a game. Once in a game i can literally be connecting to any server across the world with pings above 50 and they can some how fluctuate to 0 then straight back to 50 so im not getting a consistent ping. I white list my friends but sometimes load up a party and i cannot hear them due to nat type issues. I have a Open Nat on game with Type 2 on PS4.
  2. On my geo filter, my friends are in the wrong location so would it be possible to update this for me? There Ids are: 4e127742afedbabf 2546d8a3e3c4252a and they both should be in UK
  3. Ok but what about my hit detection? The Geo filter ping is good, just feels off in game. Might just be my imagination
  4. Ok so ive got that enabled right now. Will this fix my bullets and my fortnite experience? im not the most techincally minded person you'll meet
  5. on my first post, i was told to disable UPNP. Will this fix my bullet reg as its feels off to me? I played with the Netduma and its the best, so i wanted the Xr500 but my bullets feel off and im dieing faster than anything. Like i said before, my fortnite is now saying 58ms but on my geofilter it says 18ms.
  6. I was told to disable UPnP but i have 3/4 consoles connected to the XR500 they are all wireless expect the one i play on But do i disable UPnP? I feel as if my connection is bad as on Fortnite my ping is 60. But my Geofilter is pinging 18ms. My hit reg isnt the best on call of duty either ive noticed. Ive setup my Router and had help from you but i feel as if im doing something wrong. I have a netduma and thats literally plug and play but with the Xr500 i have all these settings to mess with and so on.
  7. Ah so i'll give disabling UPNP on both routers a go i'll see if that works. I play Wired. Strict mode is always on. My Anti bufferbloat is 'Always' but i'll give 'High Priority Traffic Detected' a shot. I do allocate bandwidth to my console. I pay for 70/8 but when i use the XR500 i get speed tests of 75/18 and reason why? Duma Classified Games is always check for my PS4.
  8. Ah so i'll give disabling UPNP on both routers a go i'll see if that works.
  9. Ah so i'll give disabling UPNP on both routers a go i'll see if that works.
  10. Hey so i currently own both a Netduma R1 and a Xr500, the Netduma so far has done me proud. I setup my Xr500 and i think i have it setup correctly. (I Think) All the bandwidth and all that is set to always, 70% for both and so on. I hop in to a game on Fortnite and it says my ms on fortnite is 50+ but on the Xr500 its 17ms any reasons why? I have got a few ports forwarded, ive got my xr500 in my BBHH5 DMZ and all so i have a open nat. But for some reason i never get any wins with my Xr500, but with Netduma i can. I hop on to Black Ops 3 and its says my ping is 18/19 but in game im literally dieing faster than i ever have. Shoot first, die first type of thing. Bullets hit but i feel like i have to shoot 100 More to literally get the kill. The main reason im posting on here is that im worried that my Xr500 is not setup properly and im not enjoying the feel of my gameplay. I have also watched Netgears fortnite video but i still feel slugish, as if my bullets are nerf bullets its insane to me.
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