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  1. I get the whole Frames and that, makes it look smooth but bullet reg is my issue. When i go on a higher ping server its almost unplayable but then when i got onto the server closest im getting anywhere between 14-17 ms... which is good but everyones playing as if they are a world champion or im getting supermelted
  2. Hey i just wanted to see if i could get any help in this matter. So for those who know JoeWo obviously know hes a pro player and i cant fault that but just watch this guys bullet reg is so crispy is insane. Its satisfying to watch, how can i get that or close to that?
  3. Tried that link and logged in but cant actually view that page, says i dont have sufficient resources to view that content
  4. So we have a youview tv box that has internet channels and as soon as they are being watched my internet goes crazy. I have a topic in the forum on this already. The TV isnt connected to my Netduma it has to be connected to other hub so i cant control QOS for that. Sounds confusing but again ive got another Topic on this somewhere and couldnt get any help from it
  5. Hey, so after a lot of searching around ive discovered a setting that we may need for a lot of others. Im not to tech savy and its been mentioned before. We need the setting that allows BT TV/YouView users to watch their tv (Internet Subscription Channels) IPTV setting or something along the lines? I currently love Netduma especially the R1 and R2 but when parent watch these certain channels i cant control the QOS as mentioned in another topic ive created. Could these be implemented into Duma 3.0? Pretty please!
  6. In network monitor, it can use anywhere up to 40mbps consistently. May drop down a bit every so often. On CC ive put it to 70% so it gives me 49mbps to work with, lets say he takes 40mbps for the downloads ive got 9mb for the rest of the household. Sharing that out is a nightmare and makes my gameplay awful sort of speak. The issues arise only when theres a huge download happening nothing else that im aware of. Theres not work around this as the BT Youview thing is only compatible with a BT router, i check this by connecting EVERYTHING to the Duma the channels done work on the TV
  7. My internet goes mental (Only when theres a big download happening)
  8. So here are a few more tests. No downloads Auto detected my speeds via netduma and got 70mbps (Like i said) Small pingplotter test (Brothers not downloading and its Waaaaaaaay better than before.
  9. My whole issue at the start was my brothers Xbox downloading and it taking all the internet which he is connected to my R2. As soon as he downloads nobody has internet almost
  10. Yes otherwise they cant watch certain channels?
  11. by a certain wire its always been like that i think. I feel as if thats unplugged, then they cant watch certain channels or am i wrong???
  12. The issue is, my family have the package that has to use something for the TV. Like with a Modem they cant watch tv if you know what i mean?
  13. Ever since CoD Black Ops 3 id say. But even if he is using a chunk, my internet/ping and jitter and what ever else goes all over the place with Qos on. My Ps5 is Prioritised and its over ruling the QOS Rules
  14. Says 80 Upload says 20 for years i have done tests (Speed tests and even on Netduma connection tests it always picks up 70mbps)
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