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  1. Ok, Dmz is still in hub How do i set a static ip for R2?
  2. Done all asked, just now im stuck on moderate nat type
  3. BT Hub has Wifi disabled, Netduma is in DMZ and everything is connected to R2
  4. Yeah seems to be any device really, any hefty download causes everything to become unstable. So we've got - (Not very technically gifted) FFTC - Socket in house - BT Smart Hub 2 - Neduma R2 (Everything Connected) - Ps4 Wired
  5. Hey, I seem to be getting the same issue ive had many times. Anyone in the house who downloads something sends my connection all over the place, basically making Qos not work at all. Qos is on I pay for 70/18 - but when a big download is performing is lowers my download (As seen in pics) Very unstable connection when download is active This actually happens on all routers i have used and i or we cant get to the bottom of this
  6. Ill try that, but also if i livestream to twitch this happens -
  7. Ive done that a few times tbf, nothing
  8. DHCP is enabled if thats what you are saying? Im not techinally minded my bad, otherwise hes just connect via ethernet and its in port 3
  9. You mean Xbox? Yes wired to the router, same as my ps4. No rules on traffic controller
  10. His download has finished now and connection is back on point I just dont get when hes got a download basically Qos doesnt work at all Just restarted the pingplotter but so far so good -
  11. Hey guys, once again when im playing my brother has a Xbox download and then this starts to happen once again.
  12. Hey so ive found a decent server i like to play on... Well its a Peer and i put it to my allow Is there any way i can keep playing on that or does it not work like that?
  13. Automatic, hasnt been anything changed. Its literally as if Qos doesnt do anything
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