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XR1000 Disconnect

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For a few weeks now I have been having an annoying issue with my wifi on my laptop. The issue is if I close my laptop after being on the internet the next day when I get back on it it wont connect to the wifi? my laptop is the only device this is happening to. I have tried disconnecting from the wifi and forgetting it and then reconnecting but it still wont connect. the only way I can get it to work is by rebooting the router and then it connects fine. However, if i close my laptop and the next day I'll have the same issue. I dont shut down i normally get off the internet and close.

I've read about the smart connect and it is disable. any help would be highly appreciated. 


on a side note any luck with apex legends working properly with these routers?

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is there anything i can do to speed the router up in the dashboard? i keep getting these white screens. again i have rebooted tons of time and it fixes it but its very annoying to do this. was hoping for a more of a plug and play.



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Apex should work well with DumaOS, I use it for every game and always get put in local servers, how do you currently have Geo-filter configured?

We have a fix for the Rapps not loading issue and possibly the issue you're seeing with your Laptop, it will soon be available for the R2 and we'll then start patching XR firmwares with it so it shouldn't be long before you get it and these issues should be resolved.

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