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  1. Hello Fraser, I am still having similar issues as others from my last posts a few months ago. I am located in Southern California and I have my radius to include the servers from Utah and Oregan but for some reason it tries to connect to servers or peers from Texas. If it does connect to a lobby let’s say in California or within my radius when the match is done it tries again to connect to Texas and I will get a code leaf and I will get sent back to the main startup page (not the game lobby). At this point it’s very frustrating specially because I about this unit specially for apex since that’s all I pretty much play. Each time a server/peer from Texas pops up I add it to my safe list. At some point I was up to 20 something probably more. any help or suggestions is highly appreciated
  2. Hello Fraser, So i have this exact same setup XR500 and ATT BGW210. however, i also have ATT Uverse tv which plugs directly into the BGW210 in order for it to work. now when i plug the cables from receivers (mains receiver and wireless box for a second tv in a different room) to the XR500, the TV will work for 20-30 seconds and then it will freeze until i change the channel and again it will work for 20-30 seconds and freeze. at the moment the Uverse Lan cables are the only thing connect to the att Modem everything else i have it either through wifi to my XR500 or Lan for PS4
  3. awesome thanks. would anyone have an suggestions on how to get open nat in game? for the longest time i was getting open nat and a few days ago it switch to moderate and i have no clue why? definitely having a harder time trying to get into matches.
  4. Thanks for the tips. I tried your setup and it feel good but I noticed that the traffic prioritization light is not coming on? It’s that normal?
  5. i can tell the difference. before i would find a match immediately after login in and and after each match it would be ready for a new match. Now it takes a few minutes to locate a lobby and after each match. not a big deal I suppose
  6. Hello everyone, for the longest time when playing MW on my PS4 I was getting open NAT in game but it suddenly changed to moderate? Is this normal? I reset my router, set port forwarding, DMZ with no luck. At the moment I have reset the router again. any tips highly appreciated.
  7. i'm having a similar issues with servers outside my radius, mainly texas servers, try to connect at the end of the match so it just kicks me out of the lobby completely. VERY FRUSTRATING specially when playing with friends. sometimes they start matches and mine wont connect so they go on without me. within my radius all 3 servers in the west cost, Oregon, Utah and i think Colorado are allowed but for some reason it still tries to connect outside my radius.
  8. thank you for the info. this might take a while since it always seems to be a different server from texas.
  9. i was thinking maybe it was do to my internet or something so i ended running a speed test on my PS4 and notice i was getting under 200 for download and under 20 for upload. and when i disable QOS and ran my PS4 test speed again it jumped to 500-550 for download and 100-170 upload. i did this multiple times with same results? when i run a speed through XR500 I get 900/900. I have ATT Fiber
  10. also, here is my list of allowed peers/servers for apex legends. Doc1.pdf
  11. here is the information as to where it wants to connect immediately after the match ends. I have noticed that 90% of the time it tries to connect to Texas servers? so last night i started allowing them thinking maybe that would fix the kicking me out after each match. unfortunately each time it tries to connect to a different part of texas. If I disable Geo Filter completely (strict/auto ping) it works fine but sometimes i connect within my radius and outside. not sure what to do at this point.
  12. i don't but tonight I will log back in and get the info if it appears again. one thing I did notice is that they show up in random locations.
  13. thanks Alex. for now i think i'm going to play with geo filter disable as its the only way to play without being kicked out after each match. also, those servers are just a few that come up as peers. i have about 10 that i have "allowed" that pop up as peers.
  14. These are some of the severs that showed up as peers
  15. So after couple hours of playing apex legends I did notice that at the end of the match it was trying to connect to servers outside my radius? In random places?
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