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  1. my laptop is pretty old will be getting a new one in couple weeks. for now i have it connected by ethernet cable. everything was working fine but today I have been getting the following error message?
  2. yes all my devices have reserved IP in Lan. however, my laptop is the only item the keeps disconnecting. to fix this i have to connect the laptop to the XR1000 with an ethernet cable shut everything down and then while still connected via ethernet net I switch it over to wifi.
  3. I did see that link unfortunately I still couldn't figure it out. so I went ahead and reset my router again and I rebooted my att modem(BGW210-700) and fiber box. I did the process again and I think that might have fixed. I still randomly get "taking longer to load" mainly on the QOS page but way less then before. one problem that still persist is that my laptop randomly disconnects? always in the evening? Secondly, I noticed that some of my devices have double IP address? I do have IP allocated for all me devices but under device management when I click on a device i can see the different address. is that normal? for example my laptop has two, my sonos speakers have 2-3.
  4. Typing in tftp in the command with the xr1000 download, it wouldn’t recognize tftp? I will try again shortly and get a picture
  5. My bandwidth is around 500-900 (although on my modem I get 1000 which is what I pay for) gel filter does not work with apex legends. Kicks me out to the main startup screen after a match.
  6. I tried doing the tftp setup but unfortunately it was not recognized?? This is very frustrating.
  7. ok I will try this tonight. I am not very good at networking but will try my best. not sure if its part of the same issue but I am getting slow gameplay mainly the whole shoot first die first scenario in Apex legends. i go from 200 health to like 0 in almost every gun fight. I can tell the difference because in my XR500 I was not having doing anything like that. in one instance i shot a a guy from behind half clip he turned around and melted me in 1 sec... no headshots. i did auto set up in QOS and it had me put my sliders at 100% for both up and down. not sure if that is correct?
  8. I am using google chrome on my laptop on wifi. it did not prompt me to do any sort of updating. All I did was downloaded the app and followed the instructions. armor is disabled. issue that is super annoying is when watching netflix it just random disconnects??
  9. after rebooting again i was able to log in but now nothing is loading........
  10. I recently purchased and installed the XR1000 (previously had XR500) and I am having an issue with it disconnecting from the internet and it takes forever for the main screen to load up after putting entering my ID and password (currently been waiting for almost 5 minutes). I have already uninstalled, rebooted, clear out cookies and history. restarted internet..etc...should not be this difficult to enjoy this expensive product. and my dang speeds are way slower compared to the XR500???? att fiber 1g
  11. Ok so I got everything updated. But now my pS5 alway shows offline under device manager?
  12. I had upgraded to 3.0 beta a few months ago and I did do a factory shortly after. 2-3 weeks ago a did another factory reset to see if that would stop the error codes. During that reset it said it was up to date as far as firmware but I will double check again shortly.
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