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impossible to find a game in warzone


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Hello all, 

first of all thanks you for your work, this router is quite impressive!
second i want to know if there is a discord server where we can talk? 

3: i'm trying to find a match without and with a vpn , currently i'm using NOLAGVPN, but i can't find any match in this area , me i'm in south france . 

for example i can find a match after 20 minutes for squad 4 player, but not for solo.  

Thanks for any help.

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hi , 

so i'm located really in south france, but for example if i try to find a match in russian, is not possible or the time to wait is to long.

without any vpn, i manage to enter in one server of spain was in 4 modality(warzone), but after like 30 minutes.... 
if i try to find a match in the area in the picture is like ever and never time to wait ....

is it possible that spain, italy, sweden server are empty ?

is that normal ?

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3 minutes ago, maverik9 said:

yes sure bbut is like everytime in the server like, france, netherland, london, where i have ping like 25 /30

OK, that's even better then yes? Is there a reason you don't want to play on these servers? Otherwise I'd suggest covering these servers in your search radius as you'll be better off ensuring you're consistently connecting to these.

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no i don't want to connect to these servers because they are full of people playing for not lose their house :D 

i want more easyer lobby like , spain, sud africa, asia ecc maybe russian ? 


this is my ping test and i dont understand why i dont see server in africa, or in russian 

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I see, playing on other servers in Europe probably won't make a difference to be honest.

That being said, you'll likely experience the same issue of long search times if you try to connect to a very distant server.

As this wasn't really what Geo-filter was designed to do, it's not really something I can help with or advise on I'm afraid.

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