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Feature Request: Wireshark

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Would be cool if there was an advanced tab or something that had a built in wireshark if we want to see what connections are actually taking place and stuff.

I realize this is just a gaming router, it would be cool if there was a way to extend it.

Would be cool to able to shell in and mess around and stuff but I know thats probably not gona happen.

On that note though I think the router is a little laggy... could use maybe a more powerful processor/ram.

But either way, cool router.

Thanks everyone.

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Cool idea! Some games can't be captured in Wireshark but it'd be cool for analysing other kind of traffic on the network. I agree it'd definitely need to be in some kind of an advanced section though, I don't know how many users will have experience using and reading packet analysers.

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It's in the XR routers already. You can go to the debug page and capture LAN/WAN traffic. It comes out in a format readable by wireshark. Also it supports WAN port mirroring on that page so you can essesntially capture it yourself over LAN port 1.

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Thanks for the reply.
Your referring to netgear right?

From my knowledge netgear uses dumaos in their gaming routers.  And apparently they added some more features on top of what comes on the netduma from your post.  Makes me wonder if netgear is interested in acquiring netduma at some point.

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