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Client tick rate in MW/CW

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I am using a Netduma R2 with my Playstation 5 console on a 120Hz HDMI 2.1 screen. I noticed that the client tick rate stays around 60Hz in MW multiplayer and Warzone but on Cold War it stays around 120Hz so that me wonder if MW is aware that its pushing out 120fps (I did double check the screen fps counter to ensure its at 120fps) or does it still think its sending 60fps ? I could have a misunderstanding of the whole matter so feel free to correct me.

Side note after watching videos about fine tuning the router I am getting even more unfair with every bullet hitting (I still enjoy the "how did he kill me so fast" reactions and the rage). Ping assist is the most amazing thing considering the SA servers are all clumped into one corner on the Geo filter (they have about a 1400km distance between them). 



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Unfortunately, client tick rate doesn't represent the FPS output to your monitor. We actually had this discussion internally recently because it doesn't really tell us too much in modern gaming. The original idea was to see if client tick rate changed depending on your position/movement in a game, but it didn't work out that way in the end.

Were these the Netduma YouTube videos you were watching? That's awesome to hear, @Netduma Kieran will be glad to see that they've helped you!

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