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NoLagVPN / Netduma R2 - Warzone PC


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I'm a new user of Netduma R2 and I would like to setup Nolagvpn locations on admin console but I really don't know how to do it. 

I don't know how to import opvn file. On Nolagvpn hand, they only say that we need to go to : 

2/ Go to Hybrid VPN 3/ Click on VPN Configuration 4/ Select the advanced tab 5/ enter *** as username and password 6/ Copy your entire .opvn file into the configuration 7/ Enable the VPN
When I try this way, I'm stuck at Copy your entire .opvn file. I'm wondering how can I add several location ? It seems that I can only copy and paste a txt file. 
Anyone already set this up correctly ? Will be glad to fix this ! 
I'm located in France and I'm using all location available on NoLagVPN. 
Thanks in advance to anyone helping ! 
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