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Throughput Question

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Disabling Qos fixes the issue completely. Might be useful to allow this to have bandwidth as made me have a fright, 


1. will this affect my games download speed 

2. if i leave it disabled as I dont really need qos will it affect the gaming features 



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What are your QoS settings? It shouldn't be restricting unless you've changed some of the settings.

1. If QoS is fully disabled it's not managing the bandwidth at all so it will get whatever it needs - gaming uses less than 1Mbps.
2. Traffic Prioritization would still benefit you even with your speeds - it won't affect the Geo-Filter.

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If you have 1GBps up and down you don't need QoS as your router can forward packets at line speed. Ie your LAN is most likely 1Gbps and so is your internet connection. There will never be any sort of congestion.


The caveat here is the stability of your connection. If you get occasional drops then QoS would be usefull but only if you are a heavy bandwidth user. 


For that sort of bandwidth normally I would switch off QoS as it only eats CPU cycles and adds latency.

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